Competition for Arab Novelists from Katara and a Chance to Win a Prize of 60,000

Competition for Arab Novelists from Katara and a Chance to Win a Prize of 60,000

عبر الإنترنت 31 janv. 2020
Katara (The Cultural Village Foundation)

Katara (The Cultural Village Foundation)

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31 janv. 2020
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Katara Foundation invites you to participate in its competition for the novel, which aims to reward Arab novelists and appreciate their achievements in cultural life, which contributes to raise cultural awareness, highlighting the Arab personality in the literary field, and honoring the Arab innovators, who contributes to the advancement of nations and promote the ideals, values and humanitarian principles by their work.


  1. Works must be written in Arabic only. Works translated from other languages or works adapted from international works are not accepted.
  2. Your work must be linguistically right.
  3. Works that have won other prizes are not accepted.
  4. Candidates must be alive.
  5. A novelist or researcher can't participate by more than one work.


  1. Published Arabic novel prize: Five prizes will be awarded to the winners of this category through their participation or nominations by publishing houses. Each winning published novel will receive a prize of US $ 60,000, bringing the total prizes for this category to the US $ 300,000.
  2. Unpublished Arabic novel prize: Five prizes will be given for unpublished novels, each valued with US 30,000 $, totaling US 150,000 $ are presented in this category.
  3. Prizes for studies (research and novel criticism): Five awards will be given for unpublished studies, each valued at US 15,000 $, with a total value of US 75,000 $.
  4. Unpublished boys 'Novel Prize: Five prizes will be awarded for unpublished boys' novels, each valued at US 10,000 $, with a total value of US 50,000 $.
  5. Published Qatari novel award: One award for the published Qatari novel with a value of US 60,000 $.
  6. The prize committee will also provide the following benefits for the winning novels and studies:
  • Print and market the winning novels that have not been published yet.
  • Translating, printing and marketing winning novels into English.
  • Printing and marketing of the winning studies.
  • Printing and marketing the winning unpublished novels.

About the Award:

The Katara Prize for the Arabic novel is an annual prize launched by the cultural district general organization in early 2014. It is managed by the foundation and provides full support and supervision through the committee for the management of the prize, which was appointed for this purpose. The award aims to consolidate the presence of distinguished Arab novels, both Arab and international, and to encourage and appreciate the creative Arab novelists, in order to move towards broader horizons of creativity and excellence, which will lead to an increased level of interest in reading the Arabic novel and increase cultural awareness and knowledge. The Katara Award is committed to upholding the values of independence, transparency, and fairness in the selection process, translating the winners' work into English and French, publishing and marketing unpublished novels, and opening the competition to publishers and novelists alike.

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