Training Courses for Jordanian Politically Active Youth from Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy

Date limite : 20 déc. 2019

Organisation à but non lucratif: Netherlands Institute For Multiparty Democracy

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Training Courses for Jordanian Politically Active Youth from Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy

Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy, in partnership with the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs, announces training courses on various topics related to political work outside the traditional framework. Another advantage of the training courses is that the skills section will focus on purely political and party work at all levels.

About the program:

  • The project aims to build the capacities of politically active youth, which is a project implemented by the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy in partnership with the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs.
  • It also aims to empower youth and women working in political parties and civil society institutions.
  • The project uses the theory of change to bring about positive change at three levels: institutions (parties), the system (the political environment and legislation) and societal culture around political parties.
  • The project aims to work every year with forty young men and women from political parties, in addition to those active in the political and social sphere who wish to join the party work.

Course Topics:

  1. Political Theory, History of Democracy and Governance in the World and Jordan.
  2. History of political parties and electoral systems.
  3. Jordan's Constitution, Laws and Legislative Process (Comparative Approach)
  4. Political analysis and critical thinking.
  5. Political communication and communication with the public.
  6. Media and party communication.
  7. Economics and Public Budgeting (Introduction Based on Critical Analysis)
  8. Preparation of policy papers.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Jordanian nationality
  2. The target age group to participate in the program is between the ages of 22 - 33 years.
  3. Activist in the political field through a political party or through a civil society organization.
  4. Participants should prioritize participation in program activities. If the applicant is part of similar programs, the application will not be accepted.
  5. Attendance of courses is compulsory for all participants. The maximum absence of courses is 20% of the total courses.
  6. A 15-minute absence from a session will be counted for half a session, and a 30-minute absence will be counted as a full session.
  7. Smoking in all its forms is prohibited during training and discussion sessions.
  8. A mechanism determined by the staff will be used to calculate attendance and absence, which may depend on technical means.
  9. Participants are not allowed to have phones during the sessions. They will be handed over to the staff before entering the session for keeping and will be returned to them after the session.

About the Course:

  1. A multiple-choice exam will be held at the end of each training workshop or as determined by the team.
  2. The results of these examinations, the commitment to attendance, hand-over homework and working groups, will be used to assess participants and decide on applications.

The required documents:

  1. CV
  2. cover letter
  3. Recommendation letter

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