Competition in Lithography and Opportunity to Win a Paid travel Trip to Germany from Merck

Competition in Lithography and Opportunity to Win a Paid travel Trip to Germany from Merck

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The Innovation Cup 2020 offers an opportunity to participate for those interested in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry from graduate and postgraduate students. The Innovation Cup in its tenth year brings together a promising new generation of academic talents from life sciences, material sciences, data sciences and business administration with the company’s senior management, researchers and accomplished retirees. This meeting of the minds is a creative and innovative platform aimed at advancing science and technology. If you are a post-graduate student with an interest in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, the Innovation Cup is your chance to gain in-depth knowledge about pharmaceutical and chemical research and development, to network with top students from around the world and to build a business case together with experienced professionals.

Innovation Cup 2020 Details:

During a one week Summer Camp, 50 selected postgraduate students will attend in-depth presentations about the pharmaceutical and chemical industry given by its management, scientists and external experts. Participants will work in small teams to generate an innovative idea that addresses a scientific challenge and develop the idea into a business plan. Teams will receive coaching and guidance from experienced veterans of the company, the Summer Camp moderator and its Innovation Management. You will learn the essentials about R&D within the pharmaceutical and chemical industry and understand how products are successfully discovered, developed and brought to market. You will learn to evaluate your ideas from a technical and business perspective and build a convincing business plan.

Eligibility Criteria:

Advanced students in life sciences, chemistry, physics, computer sciences and business administration from all over the world are invited to apply for participation in the Innovation Cup. 40 students will be selected:

  • Sciences: Postgraduate students in the life, material and data sciences, on their way towards a PhD in biology, chemistry, medicine, physics, biotech, bioinformatics, biochemistry, pharmacy, informatics, computer science, data science, engineering or related fields. Also, Post Docs can apply.
  • Business: Advanced MBA students or recent MBA graduates with an interest in the pharmaceutical business and a life science background.


All travel, accommodation and food expenses will be paid by the company in Germany. The team lithography R&D will work on new innovative approaches to improve lithography materials as current liquid particle equipment does not meet industry requirements. The teams will present their business plans to a grand jury. The jury will be composed of the top management plus external consultants. The jury will select the best business plan and present the winning team with the Innovation Cup award and a cash prize of EUR 20,000 plus EUR 5,000 for the runner-up. On the first day of the Innovation Cup a conference with alumni from previous events will be organized with ample networking opportunities.

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