Partial Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Science for Researchers in Switzerland 2020

Partial Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Science for Researchers in Switzerland 2020

Suisse 15 janv. 2020
The Branco Weiss Fellowship – Society in Science

The Branco Weiss Fellowship – Society in Science

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15 janv. 2020
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The Branco Weiss Fellowship Society in Science invites researchers from all over the world to apply for the 2020 Fellowship, presenting an unusual research project that departs from the mainstream and that has a remarkable track record will be short-listed and could emerge from the annual selection process with an award for the prestigious grant. Apply with a groundbreaking research idea to secure financial support for up to five years, working at an academic institution of your choice anywhere in the world. The fellowship is awarded in two installments: The pioneer phase: the first two years of research, and the exploitation phase: the remaining three years.

Eligibility criteria:

  1. The ideal applicant has the competencies to design a surprisingly novel and scientifically rigorous research project which blazes new trails, profiting from the freedom uniquely offered by the fellowship.
  2. You officially hold a PhD on January 15, 2020.
  3. You have obtained your PhD a maximum of five years prior to January 15, 2020.
  4. You do not hold or have held a faculty-equivalent position (e.g. assistant professor or lecturer).
  5. Your project departs from the mainstream of research in your discipline.
  6. You have a record of outstanding scientific achievement.
  7. You demonstrate in the proposal a willingness to engage in a dialogue on relevant social, cultural, political or economic issues across the frontiers of your particular discipline.
  8. If you have applied before and were not selected, you are welcome to apply again.
  9. The following reasons for delays after attaining your PhD are acceptable: Parental leave (max. one year per child) and inability to work due to illness or accident.
  10. Applicants must explain their reasons for applying for an extension and provide the relevant documents. The number of weeks that the research work was interrupted is accepted as an extension.


A Branco Weiss Fellowship consists of CHF 100,000 per year. It may be used to cover all legitimate costs of research (i.e. salary and/or equipment, travel expenses, consumables, personnel, etc.).

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