Fully Funded Journalism Fellowships in the US at Diederich College of Communication
Marquette University

Fully Funded Journalism Fellowships in the US at Diederich College of Communication

États-Unis 20 janv. 2020


جامعة Marquette هي جامعة كاثوليكية يسوعية تقدم مجموعة شاملة من التخصصات في 11 كلية ومدرسة معترف بها وطنيا ودوليا. يقدم تعليم Marquette للطلاب عددًا غير محدود تقريبًا من المسارات والوجهات ويقوم بإعدادهم
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20 janv. 2020
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Marquette University in the United States is offering O’Brien Fellowships for 2020 in the field of Journalism. O’Brien fellows will leave after an academic year with a world-class project on a topic of state, regional, national or international interest. Fellows are expected to work and travel from a home base in the O’Brien suite in the Diederich College of Communication at Marquette University, and, enter a team with top Marquette journalism students in the pursuit of an investigative or explanatory journalism project.


  1. Applicants should have at least five years of professional experience and produce journalism regularly as an employee or freelancer. 
  2. Applicants may be connected to print operations, radio, television, websites, podcasts, online publications, wire services, or magazines of general public interest.
  3. There are no academic prerequisites.
  4. Applications from international journalists are welcome.

Selection and Criteria:

  1. A proposal to produce a rigorous, multimedia public service journalism project with the potential to have a major impact, lead to significant reform, and investigate and explain how individuals and groups can identify creative solutions to social problems.
  2. The ability to complete the project during the fellowship using Milwaukee as your primary home.
  3. The ability to integrate Marquette students as part of a reporting team.
  4. The capacity to ensure the greatest possible exposure for the reporting once completed.
  5. An advisory committee consisting of distinguished journalists and Marquette faculty and alumni will interview candidates for O’Brien fellowships in Feb. 2020 from a pool of finalists recommended by the College of Communication journalism faculty.
  6. Following those interviews, the advisory committee will send a list of recommended fellows to the dean of the Diederich College of Communication for the final review.

Stipend and Benefits:

  1. A stipend of $65,000 for nine months for your salary, paid to your sponsoring organization, or directly to the fellow in the case of independent journalists.
  2. A residency allowance based on family requirements for fellows moving to the Milwaukee metropolitan area for the duration of the fellowship: up to $4,000 for a single, married or partnered fellow, up to $6,000 for a fellow with one child, up to $7,000 for a fellow with two children, up to $8,000 for a fellow with three or more children. Fellows submit rent receipts from the rental property owner.
  3. A moving allowance based on family size and distance. The allowance, covering the move to and from Milwaukee, ranges from $2,000 to $4,000 in total. (Fellows from the Milwaukee metropolitan area are not eligible for a moving allowance.)
  4. A travel and research allowance up to $8,000. This covers project-related travel as well as technology, data and document costs and equipment needs.
  5. Employee benefits continue to be paid by the fellow’s employer, where applicable.
  6. Fellows and their spouses are eligible during the fellowship for tuition remission (up to seven credits) for courses offered by Marquette University.

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