Jobs in Jordan at Al Balad Theater: Editor-in-Chief at WAW Magazine
Al Balad Theater

Jobs in Jordan at Al Balad Theater: Editor-in-Chief at WAW Magazine

Jordanie 31 déc. 2019


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31 déc. 2019
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WAW Al Balad Magazine is offering a job opportunity as an Editor-in-Chief in Jordan

WAW Al-Balad Magazine is an online Jordanian magazine, published by Al-Balad Theater, specialized in arts and culture and interested in disseminating knowledge about artistic and cultural activities in Jordan and those working in this wide field, in addition to publishing critical technical articles. The first version of the magazine was published in 2009 and continued in print until 2013, after which it was converted into electronic format. In 2019, WOW Al-Balad magazine will be re-launched as a website and application for smart devices, and the magazine will have editorial authorities in 5 governorates in addition to a central editorial authority representing the governorates.

The magazine's team is looking for a chief editor for the WAW Al-Balad magazine (website and application) who has experience in media work and arts. This job is a part-time one but flexible and it is preferable that the person who takes on this task has an interest and passion for this magazine and its goals.

The Required Knowledge and Skills of the applicant:

1. Fluency in both Arabic and English (reading and writing), and familiarity with the requirements of language editing at least in Arabic.
2. Experience and/or interest in arts and culture in general and writing in particular.
3. Experience and/or interest in working with young people.
4. Ability to manage content and editing in the field of written and audio/audible journalism in order to achieve factors that attract attention and excitement.
5. Ability to choose appropriate designs and pictures for the magazine.
6. Experience working in a team and managing teamwork in a participatory way.

WAW Al Balad Magazine:

The Arabic letter WAW is the 27th letter of the Arabic alphabet, but it is no ordinary letter. When placed before a noun the letter waw takes on numerous connotations: togetherness, sympathy, dependency, and an oath. In English, it is an acronym for what is happening and where? Why is it taking place and who is doing it? Will I be able to get there? WOW, that was a great event! This magazine was named WAW in the hope that it will prove to be as diverse, rich, friendly, and inspiring as the Arabic letter WAW.

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