Funding Fellowship for Innovative Projects from New America in the United States

Funding Fellowship for Innovative Projects from New America in the United States

États-Unis 02 févr. 2020
New America

New America

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The New America Foundation invites thinkers, journalists, scholars, filmmakers and public policy analysts who generate big, bold ideas that have an impact and spark new conversations about the most pressing issues of our day to apply for the 2021 Fellowship Program. The New America Fellowship Program aims to finance and support innovative and ambitious projects with viable plans for their implementation such as publishing a book, develop a series of articles, produce a documentary, or work on another project that is accessible.


Stipends generally fall into the following levels: $15,000-$30,000. Stipends will be paid in three monthly installments starting in January of 2021 through August 2021.

Selection Process:

  • STAGE 1: The Fellows Program staff review all of the applications from February to April. This first review winnows the entire applicant pool down to 40 to 50 finalists.
  • STAGE 2: Finalist Interviews & Committee Review: All candidates will be made aware of the status of their application in May, and finalists will be asked to schedule interviews with the program staff at that time. After the final candidates are determined, applications will be sent to the selection committee to be reviewed.
  • Stage 3: Final Selection: The finalists will be chosen in early July and the result will be announced in September 2020.


  • The fellowship holds two mandatory meetings, the first in September 2020, which includes orientation classes, and the second in early 2021, which includes a skills-building program.
  • Regular basis meetings will be held where industry experts share their knowledge on topics relevant to the Fellows such as public speaking, preparing for a book tour, or creating data visualizations online to name a few.
  • An opportunity to publish with the digital magazine New America Weekly or with one of the program's media partners, such as Slate's Future Tense channel or the Better Life Lab channel with Slate.
  • Fellows have an opportunity to connect with a network of editors and agents, and to work with the media relations team of the fellowship as they seek to reach a broader audience.

Required Documents:

  • A 1-3 sentence description of your New America Fellowship proposal.
  • Statement of Interest: This statement should not exceed 2,000 words.

The core of the application in which you explain your proposal for the fellowship—your line of inquiry, how you plan to develop it, why you feel this project will enrich an important public debate, and how you could contribute to and benefit from a fellowship from New America.

  • Plan of Approach: This statement should not exceed 500 words. Your plan of approach should explain how the project proposal will be executed during the fellowship including your plan for dissemination once the project is complete.
  • Policy Implications:
    • A brief statement (no more than 500 words) that explains the policy implications of your stated project. 
    • If your project is primarily journalistic, analytic, or historical in nature, how, specifically, do you believe its lessons might change policy going forward? If your project is built around a policy proposal, how do you anticipate shepherding it from an idea to an implemented reality? If your project overlaps with policy programs at New America, use this statement to discuss that area of overlap: in what way would your project add to New America's existing policy work in your area?

Note: Avoid duplicating portions of your statement of interest by focusing on the impact you hope your project will have.

  • Resume: Not to exceed 5 pages.
  • Cover Page:
    • A cover page must be attached to each work sample, whether written or not (you can download the cover page form here).
    • The cover page should list your full name, as well as the title, date of publication/release (in the case of video/audio), and a brief description of each of the work samples that you plan to submit.
    • The cover page does not count toward your 40-page writing sample limit, but it must be the first page of your work sample PDF packet.
    • For those submitting non-written work samples, you will have the ability to upload your cover page separately from your video/audio files. You will be prompted to upload the cover page once you select “yes” to submitting non-written work samples.
  • Written or Non-written Work Samples:
  • Instructions for submitting written work samples only:
    • You can choose to submit a total of up to three work samples (combined into one PDF file packet).
    • Written samples should not exceed 40 pages in total (41 with the cover page).
  • Instructions for submitting non-written work samples only:
    • You can choose to submit a total of up to three non-written work samples (film and/or audio clips).
    • Non-written work samples (film and/or audio clips) should not exceed a half-hour of total video or audio content.
    • Uploading film and audio files via the application’s page can reduce their quality, so you can include a link to these files (with or without a password) with your cover page.
  • Instructions for submitting a combination of written & non-written work samples:
    • You may submit a combination of written and non-written work samples, but you may only submit a total of three work samples.
    • Please use your best judgment when dividing your three samples between the two types of work. For example, if you will be submitting two writing samples and one video clip, the writing sample page count should not exceed 27 pages, or if you'll be submitting one writing sample along with two video clips, the writing sample page count should not exceed 14 pages.
    • All video and audio clips must be your original work; the aim is to convey a sense of your capabilities and aesthetic.
    • Please list all three work samples on the same cover page.
  • Three Professional References: Please provide the contact information of three professional references.


Since its foundation in 1999, New America has been working to confronting the challenges caused by rapid technological and social change, and seizing the opportunities those changes create. It provides innovative solutions to problems at the national and global levels.

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