Fully Funded SALTO Youth Seminar on Mentoring in Romania 2020

Fully Funded SALTO Youth Seminar on Mentoring in Romania 2020

Roumanie 24 févr. 2020


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The Salto Youth Network invites people interested in mentoring programs, including volunteers, mentors, and others, to participate in the Seminar that will be held in Romania and hosted by the Hungarian National Agency. The event is co-organized by the European Solidarity Corps Resource Center, Romanian National Agency and Hungarian National Agency.

About the Seminar:

  • This international event aims to explore and harvest the existing resources for supporting a qualitative mentoring process.
  • This event will gather thirty people with different expertise to discuss different approaches and tools used to assure quality in the mentoring process and to generate future activities in a partnership that will support the process of mentoring in the European Solidarity Corps program.
  • The event wants to be the first one that puts persons with experience in the same place and will offer the frame for new initiatives to be created. The participants will have the space to share their needs for mentoring processes, to share their experience and to create new initiatives.
  • The methodology of the seminar will be based on the Art of Hosting in order to collect as much input as possible and to share it among the participants during the de event but also to other interested parties, after the event.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The applicant must be from one of the following countries: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria or Tunisia.
  • Anybody with relevant experience when it comes to mentorship such as:
  • Experienced mentors.
  • Volunteers that had a relevant experience due to the mentoring process.
  • Trainers involved in training courses addressing mentoring.
  • Representatives from organizations that have a big number of volunteers and that works a lot with mentors.
  • Persons involved in strategic partnerships projects addressing mentoring.
  • Representatives from NAS that developed programs on mentoring.

Important notice: experience in mentoring is the most important criteria in selecting the participants!

Seminar Objectives:

The event will focus on three main objectives:

  • Explore the current needs regarding the mentoring process in a project supported by the European Solidarity Corps program.
  • Explore the resources available for assuring a qualitative mentoring process.
  • Mind the gap between what is needed, and it is already their plan future actions/programs/initiatives that will support a qualitative mentoring process.

Seminar Topics:

The activities will be organized around the following topics:

  • Sharing good practices, tools, and methods used in mentoring.
  • Understanding how the roles of the mentors are put into practice in real project situations.
  • Developing a plan of action for future activities in order to improve the quality of mentoring.

Duration and Location of the Seminar:

The seminar will be held in Bucharest, Romania. It will take three full working days (24-26) March 2020, Traveling days 23rd and 27th of March.


The Romanian National Agency will cover the costs of accommodation, food, and local logistics services, and the travel costs will be covered.

Note: No participation fee is required.


SALTO-YOUTH is a network of six Resource Centers working on European priority areas within the youth field. As part of the European Commission's Training Strategy, SALTO-YOUTH provides non-formal learning resources for youth workers and youth leaders and organizes training and contact-making activities to support organizations and National Agencies ( NAs) within the frame of the European Commission's Erasmus+ Youth program and beyond.

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