Competition for Filmmakers in Low and No Budget Film Festival in Germany 2020
Film Freeway

Competition for Filmmakers in Low and No Budget Film Festival in Germany 2020

ألمانيا 01 mars 2020


Film Free Way هي منصّة عالمية لعرض آخر وأحدث المهرجانات والفعاليات الفنية، والمسابقات الإبداعية، وتعدّ الموقع الأول على مستوى العالم الطريقة الأولى في العالم لاكتشاف المهرجانات والمسابقات الإبداعية وتق
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01 mars 2020
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Film Freeway invites filmmakers from all over the world to participate at the 2020 International Low and No Budget Short film-sharing Festival. The annual Film Festival was established in Vienna in 2003. Since then it turned into an annual event and has expanded mostly in Germany. The main venues are now Stuttgart, Heilbronn and Mainz and now Schwäbisch Gmünd and Sigmaringen. All films are collected and complied with and then shown at these locations. Filmmakers, who fall loosely under the ‘independent filmmakers’ category, from throughout the world, submit their short films.

The Film Festival does not award any material or monetary prizes, rather it proudly offers the broad public and large audience. A prominent feature is the so-called ‘open screenings’ that present the full and rich character of the films including those that receive less public attention. Over 200 people come together in both cultural centers and restaurants to rate the submitted films from over 50 countries. The festival will showcase all short films under 15 minutes and they are looking forward to receiving new productions as much as older short films. The audience itself decides at the open screenings in April and May which films will be included and shown in the July Festival Programme. 


All filmmakers, whose film is shown, will receive the Film Festival OSCAR 2020, program brochures.

Rules and Terms:

The festival screen all films, but normally documentary, music slips, and experimental art films have difficulty at such festivals. Every narrative film is welcome. Animations, comedy's, trash and bad taste films are welcome.

About Film Freeway:

Film FreeWay is the world's number 1 way to discover and submit to film festivals and creative contests. It is is the only submission platform that is 100% free for submitters.

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