Competition for Saudi Novel Films and Scenarios at the Saudi Film Festival

Date limite : 15 févr. 2020

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Competition for Saudi Novel Films and Scenarios at the Saudi Film Festival

The Saudi Film Festival announces its sixth version of the festival, which will be held from 9 to 15 April 2020, in continuation of its efforts to improve Saudi films, encourage creators in-country, develop a culture of Saudi filmmaking and create a competitive climate among Saudi filmmakers. The festival organizes several programs during which a number of accompanying events will be held such as workshops, specialized seminars, and book printing also hosts directors to present their experiences. The festival's advanced entries will be sorted through selection committees to determine the films accepted in the competition program or the parallel show's program. Please note that preference is given to the first shows.
The festival includes competition for the following competitions:

  • The long novelist film competition.
  • The short novelist film competition.
  • Documentary competition.
  • Student film competition.
  • Non done scenario competition


For the Scenario Contest:

  1. The scenario must be Saudi.
  2. The script must be presented in the Arabic language, and it should be from a single writer or a partnership between two writers.
  3. The writer must apply to participate in the competition by himself. The scenario should not have been previously purchased or produced.
  4. The intellectual property rights of the scenario are the responsibility of the participant, and if the scenario is based on the life story of another person or quoting from another author, the legal documents that give the applicant the right to do so must be provided.
  5. The scenario should be feasible in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  6. The applicant can participate in more than one scenario.
  7. The number of pages for the short scenario must not exceed 15 pages, and the number of pages for the long scenario should not be less than 15 pages.
  8. The script file should include a story summary.
  9. The participant must submit two copies of the script; one bearing the writer’s name and one without the writer’s name.
  10. The festival has the right to print the script in one of the upcoming festival books after a written agreement with the screenwriter.

For the Film Competition:

  1. The film must be Saudi. (Director, producer, or subject).
  2. Movie production date must be after October 1, 2018
  3. The film must not have been submitted to participate in the festival in previous versions.
  4. The film must not have been previously shown on any television channel, commercial showrooms, or through any platform on the Internet.
  5. It must not be a TV show or a separate episode within a series.
  6. The director is not allowed to participate in more than two films.
  7. The festival has the right to keep the film accepted for the competition and to distribute it for a display to the public after the festival, after notifying the film rights owner.
  8. The festival has the right to reject any movie or refer it to be shown outside the competition without giving reasons.
  9. Any film applying to participate is not entitled to withdraw except with the approval of the festival.
  10. The intellectual property rights of any film or any part are the responsibility of the participant.
  11. For more information on the technical conditions for participating films click here.


Film Competition Awards

Each film competition section is concerned with an independent jury. Each jury in its department awards three awards that it chooses from the following categories:

  1. Long novelist film competition.
  2. Short novelist film competition.
  3. Documentary section.
  4. Student films section.

Scenario Awards:

The non-done scenario jury awards the following four prizes:

  1. The non done scenario competition.
  2. Special festival awards.
  3. The golden palm for the best movie in a Saudi city.
  4. Golden palm for best film poster * (awarded according to festival audience voting results).

About the Festival:

The "Saudi Film Festival", since the start of its first session in 2008 until its fifth session in 2019, has achieved an unprecedented impact in the development and empowerment of contemporary filmmaking in the Kingdom.

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