International Architecture Design Competition of Shenzhen Opera House from ArchDaily 2020

International Architecture Design Competition of Shenzhen Opera House from ArchDaily 2020

عبر الإنترنت 13 févr. 2020


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ArchDaily is inviting designers all over the world to participate in the International Architecture Design Competition of Shenzhen Opera House. In this competition, you are required to make a creative design for Shenzhen Opera House located on top of Shenzhen Bay Park (Park on Shenzhen Bay Coastal Leisure Belt) at the south end of Shekou Peninsula in Nanshan District, the Project extends into the sea resembling a peninsula, overlooking Shenzhen Bay Highway Bridge and the skyline of Futian Center to the east, Hong Kong to the south across the sea, and Da Nanshan Mount/Xiao Nan Mount to the west.

Design Contents:

  • Opera House Plot (south zone)
    • The gross floor area of the Opera House plot (south area) is 170,000㎡, which includes the Opera House and an urban art parlor. Of which:
    • The floor area of the Opera House is 167,000㎡. Considering the suitability to the peripheral environment, it is suggested to control its above-grade floor area or floor area above the foundation at around 80,000㎡.
    • The above-grade floor area of the urban art parlor is 3,000㎡.
    • Core performing area: 167,000㎡, including opera hall, concert hall, small opera hall, multi-functional theatre and performance supporting rooms. Each performance hall has consisted of auditorium, stage, public space and backstage. 
  • Supporting Functions Plot (north zone)
    • The gross floor area of the supporting functions plot (north zone) is 52,000㎡, including 11,000㎡ of stage design and production center, 20,000㎡ of actor apartment, 6,000㎡ of office facilities, 4,000㎡ of MEP rooms, and 12,000㎡ of the garage.   

For more detailed information about the design contents and specifications, click here.

Requirements for Registration:

  • The competition registration is open to all design practices at home and abroad.
  • Applicants shall provide business registration certificate, design license or equivalent documents.
  • Applicants with the same legal representative or direct holding relations shall not register for the competition at the same time.
  • The Project accepts registration in the form of consortium (either at home or abroad), but not individuals or teams of individuals.
  • Members of a consortium shall meet the following requirements:
  • There shall be no more than 2 members specialized in architecture; the member of a consortium is not allowed to sign up again for the competition in its own name or by joining another consortium in another name.
  • Members of a consortium shall sign a legally binding Consortium Agreement to specify the leading party, the division of work by design stage, and the shares and way of the distribution of the design fee for each member, etc.
  • The chief designer directing the project shall attend the milestone presentation meetings. Should the chief designer present during the competition be inconsistent with the one specified in registration documents, the Organizers have the right to disqualify the team from the shortlist and competition.


  • Eight invited design practices (consortia) will each receive an honorarium of RMB 1 million.
  • Twelve design practices (consortia) shortlisted through the open call will each receive an honorarium of RMB 0.6 million.
  • Among the six design practices (consortia) shortlisted for concept development, the first-prize winner will be paid an additional RMB 3 million, each of the second-prize winners 1.8 million and each of the third-place winners 0.9 million.

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