Internship in Videos and Animation from Erasmus Intern in the Netherlands

Date limite : 20 mai 2020

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Internship in Videos and Animation from Erasmus Intern in the Netherlands

Erasmus intern announces an internship in the field of video and animation in the Netherlands for a duration of 5 months.

Internship Description: 

This opportunity is for anyone who has a camera talent and is able to capture the moments of euphoria and agony in the team as well as making professional animations. The company wants to create short professional clips that show the projects, experiences that it goes through as a team as well as other topics. You can create a unique perspective and unleash your creativity. It's important to make a finished product, as the company will need at least 2 videos a month of a subject which you will brainstorm about together with the team. The company might ask you to edit previous videos or pictures as it has much content already that you can use for the creation of your videos and different people with various skill-sets to include in your work.


  1. You should be able to make films in a documentary style.
  2. You can use adobe premiere or final cut.
  3. You should be able to edit videos.
  4. You must have a laptop and a good quality camera.
  5. The company is developing projects in the area of sustainability so it is important for it that you resonate with this topic.
  6. You should have years of experience in this field.

Your Responsibilities:

You will:

  • Brand image improvement.
  • Contribute to making the content more professional looking.
  • Edit videos.
  • Make film documentaries


If you are accepted at this opportunity, You will have:

  • Financial compensation.
  • Accommodation.
  • Lunch vouchers.

About Erasmus Intern:

Erasmus intern is part of STORY project which is a project by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). ESN is a non-profit international student organization whose mission is to represent international students by providing opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of Students Helping Students. ESN has more than 13.000 members in local sections all over Europe working on a volunteer base together with higher education institutions and offering services to 180.000 students per year.

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