Opportunity for Filmmakers to Showcase their Films at Ottawa International Animation Festival 2020

Opportunity for Filmmakers to Showcase their Films at Ottawa International Animation Festival 2020

Canada 29 mai 2020
The Ottawa International Animation Festival

The Ottawa International Animation Festival

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Ottawa International Animation Festival in Ottawa, Canada, invites film makers from around the world to participate in the 2020 Ottawa International Animation Festival.

Competition Categories:

When submitting your film, choose the category that best describes your film's production environment, distribution method and/or purpose:

  • Feature Film Competition: Animated Feature: An animated film over 45 minutes in length.
  • Independent Short Film Competition: Short-format, non-commissioned animated films or videos. Suggested maximum length of 30 minutes.
  • Student Animation Competition: Films made by students who are either currently enrolled in a high school, post-secondary or graduate diploma or degree or were so enrolled during the films’ production.
  • Commissioned Films Competition: Works that are funded and produced for specific commercial or promotional purposes. Including but not limited to commercials, title sequences, station/program identification spots, music videos, and trailers.
  • Animation Made for Young Audiences Competition: Independent or commissioned films that are produced and distributed specifically for young audiences aged 0-12. Please note only one episode per series is eligible and is limited to 22 minutes and under.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Competition: Immersive works that are created for the Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, HTC Vive/Vive Pro, or Samsung Gear VR virtual reality platforms.
  • Animated Series Competition: Works that are creates as part of an animated series for television, streaming, or the web and are not intended for children. Please note only one episode per series is eligible and is limited to 22 minutes or less.


Grand Prizes:

  • GRAND PRIZE for Best Feature Animation.
  • GRAND PRIZE for Best Independent Short Animation.

Category Awards:

  • AWARD for Best Narrative Short Animation
  • AWARD for Best Non-Narrative Animation
  • AWARD for Best Student Animation
  • AWARD for Best Commissioned Animation
  • AWARD for Best Virtual Reality (VR)
  • AWARD for Best Animated Series
  • AWARD for Best Animation Made for Young Audiences: Preschool
  • AWARD for Best Animation Made for Young Audiences: Ages 6-12

Craft Awards:

  • AWARD for Best Script
  • AWARD for Best Animation Technique
  • AWARD for Best Sound Design
  • AWARD for Best Design

0ther Prizes:

  • Canadian Film Institute (CFI) AWARD for Best Canadian Animation
  • AWARD for Best Canadian Student Animation
  • Vimeo Staff Pick AWARD

A prize will be awarded to the best entry in each of the Competition Categories. The juries, at their discretion, may also award additional special prizes.

NOTE: The juries have the right to withhold an award in any category where no entries, in the Jury’s view, meet its standards for recognition.


The Festival will have three juries: one international jury for the Feature Competition; one for the Short Film (Narrative, Non-Narrative, Student, Commissioned) Competitions and VR; and one Children’s Jury comprised of local 6-13 year old to judge the Animation Made for Young Audiences Competitions. All members of the international juries will be closely connected with the art of animation. The jury members will elect a president at their first meeting. Productions produced or directed by members of the jury are not eligible for entry in any Official Competition that they are judging. The decisions of the juries are final.


Each entry is considered for the Official Competition and the out-of-competition Panorama screenings. The Festival Selection team will choose the films to be screened in Competition and Panorama. Works will be judged within their category for conceptual, technical and aesthetic innovation and excellence.

NOTE: The OIAF Festival Selection team reserves the right to switch an entry's category if they feel the film is better suited to different category.

About OIAF:

The Ottawa International Animation Festival is an annual animated film and media festival that takes place in Ottawa, Canada. The OIAF was founded in 1975, with the first festival held from August 10 to 15 in 1976. Initially organized by the Canadian Film Institute on a biennial basis and with the co-operation of the International Animated Film Association, the Festival organization now remains in the hands of the CFI. It moved from a biennial to an annual festival in 2005. Today the festival is recognized as the largest animation festival in North America, and regularly attracts upwards of 25,000 attendees when it is held each September.

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