A Chance to Win 43,000 USD at Q City Plan competition 2020
Q City Plan

A Chance to Win 43,000 USD at Q City Plan competition 2020


تصبح جودة المساحة الحضرية جانبا حيويا من عملية التنمية الحضرية. "Q City Plan · مسابقة تصميم الطلاب الدولية Qinhuangdao" هي تجربة لتعزيز جودة وتنوع المساحة العامة الصغيرة في مدينة Qinhuangdao، وأيضًا ن
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01 juin 2020
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Toutes les régions

Q City Plan announced the 2020 “Planning and Design for Beautiful Hebei--- Q-City International Young Designer Competition” as an exploration to improving quality of urban public spaces, it is also an exploration in finding innovative and or artistic approaches. With the potential of introducing automated urban renewal/repair systems, the integration of smart health or sports facilities, intelligent urban furniture, interactive art installations, intelligent lighting and way-finding systems, competitors are encouraged to implement new technologies such as 3D-printing, 5G technology, and artificial intelligence, and propose new perspectives, new stages and new focus to enrich the daily life and stimulate the vitality of the city.


The theme selected for this competition is“Quality City Development Guided by New Technology”, it is to take on a micro approach to a specific site Renmin Road directly, rather than the general macro overall approach to the urban design of Handan City. The competition places an emphasis on new science, technology and social perspective equally, and competitors are asked to start off with a future lifestyle, providing a new sample for the creative development of future city through smart design, in hopes of improving the quality of its citizen’s life and its harmony with nature.


The competition is open to international or national young designers and artists, teams of teachers and students in the fields of planning, architecture, landscape, art and intelligent design. Meanwhile, interdisciplinary professionals or practitioners and representatives of new technology and new energy research institutions are encouraged to participate. This is an open competition to the public, individual or team competitors are both accepted. 


  • First Prize - (1 Team) Honor Certificate + Bonus 300,000 RMB (before tax, around 43,000 USD) Each. 
  • Second Prize - (4 Teams) Honor Certificate + Bonus 100,000 RMB (before tax, around 14,000 USD ) Each. 
  • Third Prize - (10 Teams) Honor Certificate + Bonus 30,000 RMB (before tax, around 4,300 USD) Each. 
  • Honorable Mentions (Several Teams): Honor Certificate + UED Magazine. 

(The prize-winning projects might be implemented on site and the local government has the final say). 

About Q City Plan:

Quality of urban space becomes a vital aspect of urban development. “Q City Plan · Qinhuangdao International Student Design Competition” is a trial to enhance the quality and diversity of micro public space in Qinhuangdao, and also an important approach to achieve effective urban regeneration in the redevelopment process.
“Q City Plan” try to alter the traditional way of urban planning that follows the logic of top-bottom, considering from macro-scale to micro-scale. It adopts a new thought of people-oriented humanistic planning through a ‘trivial-to-grand’ mechanism, which is expected to make a remedy and complement for the traditional urban planning of macroscopic narrative.

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