Grants for Financing Cinema Projects Valued Up to $50,000 Offered from AFAC
The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC)

Grants for Financing Cinema Projects Valued Up to $50,000 Offered from AFAC


تأسس الصندوق العربي للثقافة والفنون - آفاق عام 2007 بمبادرة من ناشطين ثقافيين عرب ليكون مؤسسة مستقلة تموّل الأفراد والمؤسسات العاملين في المجال الفني والثقافي. غداة انطلاقتها، بدأت اهتمامات آفاق تتوسّع
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01 août 2020
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Toutes les régions

The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC) is offering grants to support short and medium-length narrative films in production and post-production and feature narratives that are in development, production, or post-production phases. Projects must be completed within 2 years of signing the contract, during which grantees are expected to submit the necessary financial and narrative reports.

Eligible Candidates:

  • AFAC is open to receive project applications from Arab directors and producers living in the Arab region or in the diaspora. 
  • A non-Arab producer can apply for a grant provided that the film director is Arab.
  • It is highly recommended that film projects applying to the production and post-production grants have producers attached to them. 
  • Project applications are accepted irrespective of age, years of experience, country of residence, ethnicity, gender, or religion.
  • A film producer is eligible to apply with a maximum of two projects per category per cycle provided the two projects are not attached to the same director
  • If a film producer has one open grant, s/he can apply with one project. If s/he has two open grants, s/he is not eligible to apply before closing one grant at least.

Ineligible Candidates:

AFAC will not consider applications submitted by:

  • Members of the Board of Trustees, their business partners, or family members.
  • AFAC staff members, their business partners, or family members.
  • Members of the current year’s readers and jurors’ committees.
  • Recipients of two consecutive grants unless two years had passed since the last grant (e.g. If a grantee had received two grants in 2016 and 2017, s/he can apply again in 2020).
  • A director who already has an open grant from AFAC (whether the contract is in her/his name or in the producer’s name).
  • Each director is entitled to only one application in the same category.
  • If a director has an application that is in process, s/he cannot submit another application in any category until the result of the current application in the process is announced.

Grants Value:

  • The program provides annual grants ranging from a few thousand U.S. dollars up to a maximum of ten thousand U.S. dollars for Development grants, up to fifty thousand U.S. dollars for Production, and a maximum of twenty-five thousand U.S. dollars for Post-production grants.
  • AFAC only covers project-related expenses (including Artist fees).
  • Neither running operating costs nor the purchase of equipment can be covered by the grant.

Place and Duration:

  • AFAC will not provide support retroactively, i.e. to projects already completed. For projects that have already started, AFAC will cover the expenses that will occur only after the signature of the contract if the project is selected.
  • Projects may be implemented anywhere as long as they are created by Arab filmmakers.
  • The project’s time frame should not exceed 24 months.

Evaluation Criteria:

The selection committee evaluates applications based on the following criteria and guidelines:

  • Relevance: assessing the proposal’s content, significance, and importance to Arab audiences. How relevant is the proposal to the mission and objectives of AFAC? Does the project address the current context, events, and issues facing the Arab region?
  • Quality: assessing the grantee’s methodology in implementing the proposed project. Are the project results specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and do they meet a specific deadline? To what extent is there coherence among the identified project objectives and expected outcomes and results? Is the applicant (institution or individual) capable of implementing the project, in terms of talent, experience, professional background, and education?
  • Innovation: assessing the contribution each proposal would make within its respective field and genre. How original is the proposal idea? How creative is the implementation methodology? Are applicants utilizing new tools for
  • expression? Would the project be visible? Will relevant collaborations and networks be employed?
  • Cost: assessing whether the project’s total cost corresponds to the proposed output. AFAC requests the jurors to consider the following: Is the budget reasonable and suited to the project's stated objectives? Is the estimated expenditure on the proposed activities justified?

An independent readers’ committee will then assess the received proposals and select the applications to be sent to the independent jurors’ committee which will assess the preselected applications and choose the projects to be granted.

Grant Contract:

As soon as the grant winners are announced, AFAC will draft a grant contract to be signed by the grantees. The contract will include start and end dates, grant amount, budget breakdown, financial requirements, payment schedule, general provisions, implementation and amendments, required reports, and project results.

Payment Conditions & Schedule:

  • For development grants, the grantee will receive 70% of the grant amount as a first payment. Once the project is completed and the grantee has submitted the deliverables, narrative, and financial reports, the remaining 30% will be transferred.
  • For production grants, grantees will receive 25% of the grant amount as the first payment. When 80% of the first payment has been spent AND the shooting has started, the grantee must submit an interim narrative and financial report to AFAC. Once the report is approved, grantees will receive 60% of the grant total amount as a second payment.
  • With the submission of the final deliverables and reports, the remaining 15% of the grant total amount will be transferred and the grant will be closed.
  • For post-production grants, grantees will receive 50% of the grant amount as the first payment. Once the project is completed and the grantee has submitted the deliverables, narrative, and financial reports, the remaining 50% will be transferred.
  • Grantees should provide AFAC with ten copies of the final outputs of the projects, when applicable.

About the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC):

The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture - AFAC was founded in 2007 through the initiative of Arab cultural activists as an independent foundation to support individual artists, writers, researchers, intellectuals, as well as organizations from the Arab region working in the field of arts and culture. Since its launch, AFAC’s programs have steadily expanded to cover cinema, photography, visual and performing arts, creative and critical writings, music, documentary film, in addition to funding research, training, and cultural events. Based in Beirut, AFAC works with artists and organizations all over the Arab region and the rest of the world.

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