Volunteer Opportunity in Social Activities for Adolescents and the Elderly from the European Youth Portal in Austria
European Youth Portal

Volunteer Opportunity in Social Activities for Adolescents and the Elderly from the European Youth Portal in Austria

Autriche 15 sept. 2020


Website: https://europa.eu/youth/EU_en


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15 sept. 2020
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The European Youth Portal is offering a volunteer opportunity within the KECK II project with the Österreichische Kinderfreunde organization in Austria which is one of the biggest family organizations in Austria dealing with leisure time projects for children and youngsters and educational work on family tasks for parents and adults. 

The main part of the regional work is camps and daytime-activities during the school holidays, mobile social-cultural project work with play busses on public areas, playing fields, sports projects for youth connected with drug prevention, integration activities with refugee children and immigrants, media work. Another very important part is networking, so the organization collaborates with other organizations and institutions working in our field.

Regular activities at project KECK are teenager afternoons in the local youth center, playing games with the youngsters as well as the seniors in the retirement home, playing ground animation, cooking together, children's newspaper & Radioshow, excursions, sports, outdoor activities, working at the local community garden, intercultural events, etc.


The host organization will provide accommodation for the volunteer. It will also cover the costs of food and transportation.

Training During the Project:

On-arrival training and Mid-term training in Austria. All costs covered.


The program runs for 51 weeks between 15 September 2020 to 14 September 2021.

Volunteer activities:

  • Suggested activities of the volunteers are assisting in the team with the everyday program, like sports, youth center, elderly home, children’s newspaper, community garden, etc. 
  • The organization welcomes the volunteer to create new ideas and inputs for the everyday program (e.g. new handicraft ideas, cultural activities, games from their home countries, ...). Within the project hours, it will also support the volunteer to create and develop new ideas for new projects according to his/her interest.

About the European Youth Portal:

The European Youth Portal is a multi-lingual website addressing young people in Europe and providing access to youth-related European and national information. The aim of the European Youth Portal is to provide young people aged 13 to 30 across Europe with information and opportunities around a wide range of topics based on the EU Youth Strategy, including education, employment, participation, culture, social inclusion, health, mobility, and volunteering. One of its major strengths is that this content is provided at European and national levels through a partnership between the European Commission and Eurodesk, and is available in up to 27 different languages, covering 33 countries.

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