IBF Classic 2020: Funding for Documentary Projects

Date limite : 10 juin 2020

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IBF Classic 2020: Funding for Documentary Projects


Projects can be submitted in two categories:

  • Project development: The maximum contribution for project development is €5,000, which must be spent in a country on the  IBF Classic Country List.
  • Production & post-production: The maximum contribution for production & post-production is €17,500, which must be spent in a country on the IBF Classic Country List.


  • All directors attached to the project should have the nationality of a country as defined on the IBF Classic Country List and should live and work in this country.
  • In addition, the main producer attached to the project must be based in a country on the IBF Classic Country List.
  • Before continuing, please confirm whether your country is on the IBF Classic Country list.
  • Projects from Bahrein, Bulgaria, Brunei, Oman, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and United Arab Emirates are only accepted when they address social issues within their countries.
  • In case a co-producer from Europe, North America or Australia is attached to the project, this cannot be the main producer of the project. The application to the Fund must be filed by the main producer from the IBF Classic Country List. In case the project is pre-selected, the applicant should provide a deal memo or co-production agreement which needs to contain detailed provisions on the following aspects: the participation of each co-producer in the financing of the project; joint ownership of all the rights; sharing of the revenues between the co-producers.
  • If a project is selected, the contribution must be spent in a country on the IBF Classic Country List.
  • A project can be submitted only once for each category. A project can be submitted for Project Development and at a later deadline for Production or Post-Production, whether or not the Project Development submission was successful.
Eligible Regions: IBF Classic Countries

N'oubliez pas de mentionner mina7 lors de votre candidature.

Opportunités: Bourse

Pays éligible: Cette opportunité est destiné à tous les pays


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