Call for Consultants to Deliver an Online Session on Crisis Management and Comprehensive Resilience

Call for Consultants to Deliver an Online Session on Crisis Management and Comprehensive Resilience

Jordanie 28 juin 2020
IM Swedish Development Partner

IM Swedish Development Partner

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IM Swedish Development Partner invites consultants to deliver a session on Crisis Management and Comprehensive Resilience for non emergency civil society actors.


IM is a Swedish NGO committed to empowering civil society, catalysing profound societal change towards equality and democracy, as a feminist and anti-racist change agent. We base our work on a rights-based approach and we work with Social Inclusion, Economic Inclusion, Capacity of Civil Society, and Enabling Space for Civil Society. 

IM sees and reacts to injustice in the world. Our primary mission is to fight poverty and exclusion and contribute to lasting change for individuals in particularly vulnerable situations. We do this through social and economic inclusion and by giving the right holders the opportunity to raise their voices. We believe a strong civil presence is the key for a democratic society. All projects are implemented in close collaboration with local partner organisations.

IM has been working in the Middle East since the late 1960s in the area of intellectual disability. At present IM Middle East works with partners in Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon to achieve 4 priorities; Social Inclusion, Economic Inclusion, Ensured Civic Space, and Strong Civil society. In Jordan, the main target groups of IM’s work are young women, persons with disabilities, and civil society organizations.


  • Increase the existing knowledge on Crisis Management and Comprehensive Resilience for Development actors that are not necessarily responding to emergencies.
  • Embed Crisis Management within the Institutional, Strategic, and Operational plans of Partner Organizations.
  • Enhance the quality of programming within partner organizations taking into consideration Crisis Management and Comprehensive Resilience.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Partner Organizations will have a clear definition of Crisis Management and an increased understanding of the mindset of Comprehensive Resilience.
  • Partner Organizations will be able to include strategically include crisis management in their work despite not responding to emergencies. 


  • Introductory reading material for participants.
  • Design of a mock case where principles of Crisis Management and Comprehensive Resilience are  designed, planned, and executed by non-emergency actors.
  • Report on Observations and Recommendations for next steps.

Consultant’s Required Skills and Experience:

  • Minimum of 5 years of progressive experience in capacity building programs; and have in depth knowledge of the context in Jordan
  • Experience in participatory and interactive training and learning techniques  
  •  Experience in working and providing trainings in Crisis management and Comprehensive Resilience 
  • A working Knowledge of human rights
  • Fluency in Arabic is a must
  • Excellent presentation and report writing skills

Date and location:

This session will be held online for a period in between 2-3 hours in between June and July, the final date and time will be agreed on when signing the contract within the mentioned period. 


Participants will IM Partners which include but not limited to, Civil Society Organizations, Volunteers, Rights Holders, and Stakeholders. Participants will be mainly from Jordan, Palestine, and Lebanon. 

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