International Poster Contest for Designers, Visual and Plastic Artists from Escucha mi Voz

Date limite : 25 juil. 2020

Organisation à but non lucratif: Escucha mi Voz

Spécialités: Beaux arts

Niveau d'études: Formation Professionnelle

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International Poster Contest for Designers, Visual and Plastic Artists from Escucha mi Voz

Escucha mi Voz is inviting designers, graphic artists, visual and plastic artists to participate in the international poster contest. This year’s call is in favor of observing the relationship that exists between the inability to accept the diversity of expressions, cultures, concepts and diverse ways of thinking, which lead us to relate to the environment in different ways, and the political and economic processes that insist on imposing a homogenization of human activities, which are obeying only economic interests without taking into account the impact against the survival of all species on the planet, including humans.

Competition Theme:-

  • The ability to recognize differences is the first step towards respecting nature. Without this capacity, the impulse to impose a single way of thinking and acting becomes the devastation of all ecosystems in order to obtain homogenization that benefits only a few, and threatens the survival of species, including human life. 

  • The over exploitation of natural resources without taking care of the balance will leave us desolate.

  • Without diversity there is no evolution, without evolution, there will be no survival. 

  • Some specific points that you can address in your poster:

    • Forest Devastation.

    • Cultural homogenization.

    • On exploitation of resources.

    • Displacement of native peoples by mega corporate projects.

    • Biodiversity preservation.

    • Contribution of native peoples to nature´s preservation.

    • Endangered species.

    • Respect for the diversity of cultural expressions.

    • Respect for ecological activism.

    • Caring for bees and insects in general.


  • The best 50 posters will be part of Escucha mi Voz exhibitions in Mexico and other cities around the world.
  • Your poster will be part of a printed edition and a free copy will be sent to you. 
  • Digital certificate of participation and, where appropriate, selected designer . 
  • Even if you send a poster and you are not selected, you will be sent an electronic certificate by e-mail. If you are a selected designer, your certificate will be sent to you electronically.
  • Other surprises are being prepared.


  • Each participant will be able to submit up to 10 posters.
  • Do not post your (s) sign (s) in social networks until the jury has given its verdict.
  • Posters must be original but not necessarily unpublished.
  • Posters must be sent from your authorship. By submitting your (s) sign (s) you confirm that the design was done by you and does not contain elements that could damage the intellectual property of a third party.

About Escucha mi Voz:-

Escucha mi Voz is an association specialized in the design field and is interested in Promoting educational campaigns in favour of Human Rights using design, art and other cultural manifestations. Escucha mi Voz is organizing a yearly poster contest dedicated to all designers, graphic artists, visual and plastic artists or unrestricted age and gender.

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