HUAWEI NEXT-IMAGE Awards to Win $10,000 and More 2020

HUAWEI NEXT-IMAGE Awards to Win $10,000 and More 2020


شركة هواوي هي شركة صينية لتصنيع معدات الاتصالات السلكية واللاسلكية والإلكترونيات الاستهلاكية ، ومقرها في شنجن، غوانغدونغ، الصين. تأسست الشركة في عام 1987 من قبل رن تشنغ فاي. وفي البداية، كان تركيز هوا
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Organisation à but non lucratif
Date limite
31 juil. 2020
Niveau d'études
Type d'opportunité
Pays éligibles
Région éligible
Toutes les régions

HUAWEI opened application for the NEXT-IMAGE Awards which consist of 6 conceptual categories. The contest aims to explore alongside HUAWEI mobile users the possibilities of next-generation visual expressions and culture.

The Categories:

  1. Faces: Experimenting with identity, and using the power of portraiture to creatively render a subject..
  2. Near Far: Capturing a new setting or experience, by using a novel feature on the phone camera, such as the telephoto lens, super-wide-angle lens or macro-shooting lens.
  3. Hello, Life!: Sharing an emotional or inspiring scene from daily life..
  4. StoryTeller: Sequencing 3 to 9 photos that provide a narrative, express an emotion, record changes, and/or illuminate a trend.
  5. Good Night: Capturing a captivating scene in low light conditions.
  6. Life Moments: Filming stories of less than 10 minutes (at least 10 seconds).

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Any and all HUAWEI phone users from around the world are allowed to apply. However, no submission that has won an award in any award-winning contest or has been published in a public periodical will be accepted for submission.
  2. All submissions to the HUAWEI NEXT-IMAGE Awards must be produced using HUAWEI phones, without restriction as to when you recorded the images/videos or which model of HUAWEI phone you used.
  3. The images or videos submitted may only have been graphically edited using a HUAWEI phone (third-party processing software used on your HUAWEI phone will be accepted).
  4. The length of the image's shortest side must be at least 1,000 pixels, and the data volume of a single image shall not exceed 20 MB.
  5. Any videos submitted are allowed to have been processed by computer or phone software, but the originals must still have been captured on a HUAWEI phone.
  6. The data volume of a single video file shall not exceed 100 MB. You can submit your videos in .mp4, .3gp, .wmv, .rm, .rmvb, or .asf format.
  7. Each participant will be limited to thirty works at most, with either one photo, one 3x3 story board set, or one video file being considered as a single piece of work.
  8. Participant can submit a single image into more than one category. However, multiple submission of same image to more than one category shall be deemed as multiple images.


  • Grand prize winners (3)
  1. NEXT-IMAGE creation fund US$10,000
  2. A HUAWEI P40 Pro smartphone (8+256G)
  3. An electronic certificate
  • Category winners (15)
  1. NEXT-IMAGE creation fund US$1,000
  2. A HUAWEI P40 Pro smartphone (8+256G)
  3. An electronic certificate
  • Runner-up winners (50)
  1. A HUAWEI P40 Pro smartphone (8+256G)
  2. An electronic certificate
  • Honorable mentions (5)
  1. A HUAWEI P40 Pro smartphone (8+256G)
  2. An electronic certificate


Huawei is a Chinese multinational technology company that provides telecommunications equipment and sells consumer electronics, including smartphones headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. The company was founded in 1987 by Ren Zhengfei. Initially focused on manufacturing phone switches, Huawei has expanded its business to include building telecommunications networks, providing operational and consulting services and equipment to enterprises inside and outside of China, and manufacturing communications devices for the consumer market.

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