Fully-Funded Ph.D. Scholarships in Economic and Management Sciences from Stellenbosch University

Fully-Funded Ph.D. Scholarships in Economic and Management Sciences from Stellenbosch University

Afrique Du Sud 31 juil. 2020
Stellenbosch University

Stellenbosch University

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31 juil. 2020
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The Graduate School of Economics and Management Sciences (GEM) at Stellenbosch University is offering a Ph.D. scholarship program to students from all over the world. The objectives of the Graduate School are to:

  • Greatly increase the Faculty's number of Ph.D. graduates.
  • Broaden access to the doctoral education in economic and management sciences, and
  • Continuously develop and provide effective support structures for Ph.D. studies within the Faculty.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The candidate must hold a master's degree in a relevant discipline or, in exceptional circumstances, an equivalent qualification.
  • Candidates must have achieved a grade of 65% in their master's programs.
  • Candidates must be under forty years of age when the program commences in January 2021.
  • Only applications in one of the Faculty's Research Themes will be considered.
  • All students who meet the above criteria will be considered.

Scholarship Value:

Successful students are awarded a substantial scholarship (R138 000 p.a. About $ 8,000) for a period of three years.


New participants enter the program in January as part of a cohort, which forms a supportive, scholarly unit for the remainder of their studies. To ensure a maximal likelihood of students completing their doctoral studies within three years, the following supportive measures are put in place:

  • In the first year of study, students take part in a partially structured program that provides the skills required to undertake doctoral research. This is achieved by providing students with supplementary support in the form of workshopsand courses, targeted to ensure the generic skills required to do a Ph.D. is in place.
  • Possible skills gaps at the individual level are proactively identified and addressed in collaboration with the Graduate School candidates.
  • Aside from financial support, full-time PhDs are provided with infrastructural support, in the form of laptops and seating within the faculty.
  • In addition, the progression of projects is actively monitored, through a series of progress reports, in collaboration with the responsible study leaders. 

About Stellenbosch University (SU):

The University is amongst South Africa's leading tertiary institutions based on research output, student pass rates, and rated scientists, and is recognized internationally as an academic institution of excellence. It boasts the second-highest number of scientists in South Africa who have been rated by the National Research Foundation (NRF). It also has the highest student success rate in the country. SU has ten faculties: AgriSciences, Economic and Management Sciences, Medicine and Health Sciences, Engineering, Military Sciences, Arts and Social Sciences, Science, Education, Law, and Theology. Stellenbosch has situated about 50 km from Cape Town and just 30 km from Cape Town International Airport.

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