One Year Leadership Program from Al Sharq Youth 2020-2021

One Year Leadership Program from Al Sharq Youth 2020-2021

Al Sharq Youth

Al Sharq Youth

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Organisation à but non lucratif
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23 juil. 2020
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The Al Sharq International Fellowship is a year-long leadership capacity-building program that brings together a network of 50 passionate and high-potential youth from around the world to become effective change agents committed to informed action.

The program aims to bring forth the next generation of globally oriented and locally committed ethical leaders, who possess the universal values of pluralism, inclusiveness and justice, by equipping them with the necessary skills to lead the wave of change at this time of transition and uncertainties.

Why Joining this Program?

From a global climate emergency to vast economic and social inequalities, our world is facing major uncertainties and challenges. But to build a better future for all, the world needs a new generation of young leaders who are creative problem-solvers as well as firm believers in the universal values of respect, justice and equality. The program designed to offer its fellows an ideal opportunity to become the effective agents of transformative change that the world – and their communities – desperately need.


  • Learning and Growth: Every fellow will receive a structured, holistic learning experience – combining online and offline content and activities – which will develop their skills and competencies to bring about positive impact.
  • Capacity Building: The program brings together a global cohort of like-minded fellows to an international retreat where the focus will be on leadership, capacity-building and systematic problem-solving.
  • A Global Network: Collaboration is at the heart of the program's vision. That is why a central feature of the program is to connect all fellows with notable regional and global mentors, experts, young leaders and activists.
  • Professional Mentorship: All fellows will also benefit from having access to high-caliber professional mentorship and coaching opportunities.
  • Our Alumni Community: After completing the program, fellows will have the chance to join Al Sharq Youth’s Alumni community, which will give them access to the network’s full range of special events, resources and opportunities.
  • By the end of the program, the Fellows shall acquire the following:
    1. A commitment to local development.
    2. A balanced sense of identity which embodies universal values.
    3. An understanding of future studies combined with the ability of reading the past and the present.
    4. The ability to approach complex problems strategically with the right intellectual depth and practical judgement.
    5. Critical thinking and complex interdisciplinary problem solving skills with the ability to apply such skills to our modern day challenges.

Eligibility Criteria:

A fellow must have/be:

  • A valid passport
  • Between the age 18-35
  • Language: Excellent command in English Language is required along with minimum understanding of country of residence’s language
  • Professional: Enrolment in post-secondary or graduate study program, or an engaged professional.
  • Public Service: Proven commitment to public and community service through civic initiatives, and involvement in social projects.
  • Leadership: Proven community leadership potential through civic engagement and volunteering track-record.
  • Value Driven: Proven commitment to the values of Al Sharq Youth; inclusiveness, diversity, and pluralism.
  • Academic Excellence: Track record of academic excellence.
  • Time Commitment: Able to commit for the duration of the program, and engage in its various activities.

About Al Sharq Youth:

Al Sharq Youth is more than just a gathering of young people. It is a meeting of minds from all over the world. It is a network which unites young people who are inspired and motivated to make a positive difference, and to take action to build a better future.

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