Online Contest in Salination with $3000 Award from FINISH Mondial

Online Contest in Salination with $3000 Award from FINISH Mondial

FINISH Mondial

FINISH Mondial

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31 juil. 2020
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FINISH Mondial is launching the ‘FINISH Mondial Sanitation Challenge Contest’ for the year 2020. FINISH (Financial Inclusion Improves Sanitation & Health) Mondial is an ambitious, 6-country WASH programme aiming to substantially scale up the access and use of safe sanitation in Africa and Asia. FM understands existing sanitation systems must be affordable so that millions of people in developing countries, which do not have proper sanitation facilities, will invest and own one. 

About the Contest:-

  • This contest is based on one of the key fundamentals of the FINISH programme: the need to reduce costs of sanitation systems. 

  • The design is targeted to incrementally lower the cost of sanitation systems. No big technology breakthroughs are required, but small improvements in existing designs that can reduce the cost of construction or at the same cost, improve its usefulness and client satisfaction.

  • The aim of the contest is to propose an ‘innovation’ in one or more of the components of an onsite sanitation system to facilitate the installation and usage of toilets in developing countries, preferable in one the FINISH Mondial countries (India, Bangladesh, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania & Ethiopia).

  • The innovation can be created through novel design and/or novel choice of materials used and/or a new process and/or any other component that will help to reduce the cost of a sanitation system.


  • A sanitation system comprises a super-structure (the “house”), a meso-structure (slab/pan/seat) and a sub-structure. 

  • For each of these categories the solution may apply. 

  • As part of the competition, technical designs, instrumentation, graphic presentation and bill of quantities of different solutions will be part of the competition package. 

  • FINISH Mondial is looking for ‘cost reduction in sanitation’ in one or more of the three following elements:

    • Super-structure. 

    • Meso-structure.

    • Sub-structure.

Evaluation Criteria:-

  • Cost reduction in material use, including use of cheap but quality materials.
  • Cost reduction in terms of less wastage.
  • Cost reduction in terms of less number of people engaged (Time or absolute number).
  • Speed (time) of construction that lead to reduction of cost.
  • Simplicity of construction /installation of (part of) a sanitation system.
  • Consideration of sludge management (such as simplicity of emptying, onsite treatment etc.).
  • Climate elements (water usage and carbon footprint of materials used).
  • Suitability for the environment and context it is designed for.
  • Amenability to local modifications.
  • Aesthetics and appeal.


  • First prize : € 3,000 + actual implementation of your solution in one of the FINISH Mondial countries (other than the country you have first worked out the solution).
  • Second prize : € 2,000.
  • Third prize : € 1,000.

About FINISH Mondial:-

FINISH Mondial is a non-governmental organization that aims for sanitation for all through an integrated model that addresses both the demand and supply side of the sanitation challenge. FINISH stands for: Financial Inclusion Improves Sanitation & Health. The programme works with a multistakeholder approach which involves the entire value chain. By mobilising the supply side of sanitation while integrating financial resources into the value chain, the programme raises awareness on and creates a demand for sanitation services amongst end-users.

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