Job Opportunity in Saudi Arabia as a Digital Delivery Lead from MRI Worldwide
MRI Worldwide

Job Opportunity in Saudi Arabia as a Digital Delivery Lead from MRI Worldwide

Arabie Saoudite 15 août 2020




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MRI worldwide offers you a job opportunity in Saudi Arabia as a digital delivery lead. You will be responsible for the overall delivery of the sprints and / or agile projects. You should be a talented and experienced individual who drives on priorities and design decisions, and works to ensure that all stakeholders are aligned at each stage of the development life cycle. 


You must:

  1. Know exactly what you’re doing. 
  2. Be an experienced project manager that has delivered in a fast paced environment using an agile methodology.
  3. Its preferred to be a ‘banker’ but the most important is having a genuine and authentic passion for delivery.
  4. Exceptional leadership skills, gravitas, high energy and motivational drive.
  5. Leading by example and have experience in empowering a team to execute under pressure and tight deadlines is evident.
  6. Do things based upon solid fact bases and remove the personal opinions as much as possible. You will have a data-driven mentality and a sound business judgement through strong analytical thinking. You will be able to prioritize competing demands efficiently.
  7. Strong planning and organisational skills and have attention to detail.
  8. Fluency in Arabic and English.
  9. Highly customer-centric with a passion to deliver a best-in-class customer experience.
  10. High levels of personal and professional integrity.
  11. An entrepreneurial approach with an ability to operate both at a strategic level and to be hands on.
  12. A positive, self-sufficient leader with excellent communication skills, intellect and energy.
  13. Very sound judgment and business instinct with a desire to challenge traditional thinking.
  14. Ability to admit when you are wrong and learn from it and ready to share news.
  15. Ability to encourage followership, motivate and develop a diverse group of people towards a challenging goal.
  16. Determined to succeed, high energy with humility and a strong personal drive.
  17. A collaborative working style.
  18. A very strong work ethic.

Your Responsibilities:

Your mission is to drive the bank towards achieving its stated ambition as it wants to be world class and recognized not just being up there. To achieve this, you will need to:

  • Develop and maintain the prioritized backlog of user stories for implementation and work in collaboration with the delivery and technical leads to determine scope and priorities for product development life cycles.
  • Translate the business requirements and direct the primary research into user stories for the development teams to implement.
  • Develop and maintain a vision for the product and be responsible for communicating that vision to the team, internal and external stakeholders.

To achieve your mission, you must be able to discharge the following responsibilities:

  • Lead the product, research, design and technical functions to deliver against the agreed plan.
  • Work across teams to ensure that business, quality and functional goals are met with each product release / sprint.
  • Work in close collaboration with the wider team to ensure that all requirements like regulatory, risk, information security, etc. are taken care of. You will work with both the engineering and business sides. You are ultimately responsible for the final delivery.

About MRI Worldwide:

MRI Worldwide FZ LLC was established in Dubai in 2000 to serve clients in the GCC and Africa regions. The office currently consists of a team of industry specialists working in vertically defined market sectors including Technology and Telecom, Banking, Financial Services, Consumer Goods, Retail and Luxury Retail, Healthcare and Education. As part of MRI Network, MRI Worldwide is affiliated with one of the world’s largest recruitment and placement organizations, more than 300 offices worldwide. The recruitment approach brings together the right combination of scale, expertise, and methodology to match each client’s specific needs.

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