Best Representative Image of an Outcome Competition from QNRF

Date limite : 31 août 2020

Organisation à but non lucratif: Qatar National Research Fund

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Best Representative Image of an Outcome Competition from QNRF

Qatar National Research Fund is announcing the launch of the "Best Representative Image of an Outcome" (BRIO) competition which is designed to encourage researchers to tap into their artistic side by using stimulating images and visuals to communicate the outcomes of their QNRF-funded research to a wider audience, including the general public.

About the Competition:-

  • The objective of the BRIO competition is for QNRF to showcase the outcomes of QNRF-funded research by utilizing the images in QNRF’s own publications and media channels, highlighting their significance, where it was captured and by whom.

  • All awarded lead PIs, or equivalent, in all QNRF’s programs (e.g. NPRP, JSREP, UREP,…etc.) are eligible to apply.

Eligibility and Conditions:-

  • Only awarded LPI’s in any of QNRF’s programs (NPRP, GSRA, UREP, etc.) are eligible to apply.

  • The LPI shall give their conscent in a written letter to the creator of the image for copyright purposes.

  • Applicants are eligible to submit more than one application, with each application representing a single image or illustration.

  • The following are not eligible for consideration in the competition:

    • Images and illustrations that are not results of QNRF awarded projects.

    • Posters and graphs.

    • Low resolution images.

    • Images with text on them.

    • Incomplete applications.

  • QNRF encourges students and junior researchers to participate in the competition. However, the image must be submitted by the leading investigator ( LPI, PI, PRM, etc.) where the creator of the image may be reflected under “Image Created By.” Names provided under this field will be considered as the applicants for the competition.

  • Applicants who get shortlisted will receive three preformance points that will be recored in the Online Performance Monitoring System (OPMS).

  • Awards are announced after online voting takes place which lets the QNRF team and public determine the ranking.

Evaluation Criteria:-

  • Judging will be based on originality, scientific impact and visual impact

  • Submitted images may be:

    • Photography: digital photographs, and images from lab instruments such as sensors, microscopes, telescopes, etc.

    • Illustrations: drawings and graphics (hand-designed or computer-assisted) that clarify theories or concepts, or recreate objects, processes, etc.


The following dates represent the important deadlines in for the BRIO in Doha Time:

  • Online submission starts: Monday March 16th , 2020, 12:00 noon, Doha time.
  • Online submission deadline: Monday August 31, 2020, at 12:00 noon, Doha time.
  • Online public voting starts: Monday September 29th , 2020, at 12:00 noon, Doha time.
  • Online public voting ends: Monday October 27th, 2020, at 12:00 noon, Doha time.
  • The announcement of results is at the QNRF Annual Forum .

About QNRF:-

Qatar Foundation established Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) in 2006 as part of its ongoing commitment to establish Qatar as a knowledge-based economy. Qatar Foundation views research as essential to national and regional growth; as the means to diversify the nation’s economy, enhance educational offerings and develop areas that affect the community, such as health and environment. Qatar National Research Fund aims to foster original, competitively selected research in engineering and technology, physical and life sciences, medicine, humanities, social sciences and the arts. In addition to funding, Qatar National Research Fund aims to encourage dialogue and partnerships.

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