Chance to Win 6,500 USD at the Poster Award 2020

Date limite : 01 sept. 2020

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Chance to Win 6,500 USD at the Poster Award 2020

The Taiwan Association for International Care of Organ Transplants (TAICOT) announced a call for application to the Poster Award 2020. Authors and artists in different eras have used their expertise to record the great changes of times. From George Orwell, the author of Animal Farm to artists like Käthe Kollwitz, Francisco Goya, and Ai Weiwei, activists have been using their sensitive mind to speak for the unfair system, people suffering from autocracy, and themselves.

For over ten years, investigations carried out by lawyers, reporters, prosecutors, and doctors worldwide have revealed that the Chinese regime had been systematically doing forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience. Such atrocity is meant to supply the need of the huge transplant industry. With the phenomenon that patients worldwide all flock to China for organ transplants, forced organ harvesting has become a global crime.

History always repeats itself. No matter how evil looks like, we shall not keep silent once it bullies the goodness again. Let’s be the witness of history by speaking for this inhuman persecution!


There is no restriction on nationality and place of residence. (nickname permitted)

Submission Requirements:

Poster size: 42cm×57cm~90cm×120cm、300dpi


  • Golden Award x1: 6,500 USD with a medal and a certificate.
  • Silver Award x1: 2,500 USD with a medal and a certificate.
  • Bronze Award x1: 1,500 USD with a medal and a certificate.
  • Merit Award x3: 400 USD / each with a Small badge and a certificate.
  • Honorable Mention x10: 100 USD/ each with a Small badge and a certificate.
  • Jury's Choice Award x20: Small badge and a certificate.

In addition to:

  1. Winning posters will be selectivity reported on newspapers, news sites, and TV media.
  2. Posters will be used for exhibition(Taiwan, Japan, South Korea)
  3. posted on the TAICOT website in the future.

Judging Process:

The judging process consisting of a preliminary review and a final election will be hosted by a  jury composed of well-known experts.

  • 50% Expressiveness: Color and shape, Composition Arrangement, Overall atmosphere.
  • 45% Connotation: Convey ideas.
  • 5% Popularity: Views of this poster page from September 15th ~ October 15th.


The Taiwan Association for International Care of Organ Transplants (TAICOT) was incorporated with a mission to protect the general public’s rights to know the pre-assessments of organ transplants and the availability and transparency of related information. With its efforts to promote the issue of organ transplants, we also aim to protect the rights of donors and raise public awareness for the stop of systematic persecution of human rights and lives happening in China.

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