Fully Funded Learning Project for Young African Programmers from Digital for Africa
Digital for Africa

Fully Funded Learning Project for Young African Programmers from Digital for Africa


Digital for Africa هي مجموعة من القادة والمبرمجين الشباب الذين يهدفون إلى تحفيز مجتمع قائم على المعرفة من خلال تطوير استراتيجيات التكنولوجيا في إفريقيا وتوفير المرافق وتحسين عمليات الترويج للابتكار ور
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Organisation à but non lucratif
Date limite
05 sept. 2020
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Toutes les régions

Digital for Africa is presenting the 10,000 Young Programmers Project for African youth to build the capacity of Youth in digital skills and training them on how to use modern technology. . The African continent will not return to its former era after digitalization, as the positive impact on all sectors will be evident. Economic digitization means revolutionizing the level of such a sector by developing the industrial field, raising productivity, reducing time and providing employment opportunities, and furthermore creating a digital industry, thus reducing pressure on the rest of the industrial fields.

Project Description:-

  • “10,000 African Young Programmers Project” is a grant for technology learning and developing digital skills for African youth. 

  • It provides a large number of advanced technology skills and practical experiences to build the capacity of young people and qualify them for labor market and future jobs. 

  • It is a virtual academy that aims to train and enable young people to easily join the freelancing market and work remotely, and to achieve professional success and compete in the market.

  • The Trainees will get a free learning and acquisition skills experience through training courses provided by programming experts and practical training through pilot projects and virtual classes (or webinars), and provide continuous guidance and support through professionals, and continuous interaction between trainees.

Project Objectives:-

The project aims to:

  • Train and empower young people to easily join the free labor market and work remotely, especially in light of the circumstances of the Corona pandemic, which demonstrated the need for the world to transform digitally.

  • Support the productivity of trainees to transfer their capabilities acquired from the programs to digital products, develop administrative and financial capabilities, and study the market.

The Scope of the Project:-

  • The Implementation process is divided into three phases

  • First stage (Basics):

    • Building the basics of digitization culture.

    • Encouraging the acceptance and understanding of the importance of digitization.

    • Introduce the basic concepts of digital transformation.

    • Principles of optimal use of digital technology.

  • Second stage (Advance skills):

    • Advanced training in programming and building digital content.

    • Training on creating pages and websites.

    • Application programming training.

    • Introducing artificial intelligence tools and applications.

    • Training in publishing and e-marketing principles.

    • Training on building business models in digital projects.

  • Third stage (production stage):

    • Support the productivity of trainees to transfer their program-acquired capabilities to digital products.

    • Developing administrative and financial capabilities and studying the market.

    • Offering Awards to the brilliant trainees through competition in presenting creative and innovative ideas.

    • Offering financial prizes to the winners


  • First place: 3000 dollars.
  • Second place: 2000 dollars.
  • Third place: 1000 dollars.

Support Methods:-

  • One-time support.

  • Offer Incubation Opportunity.

  • Providing loans (non-profit & interest-free).

  • Providing networking with investors from The Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf and others.

About Digital for Africa:-

Digital for Africa is a group of Youth Leaders and Programmers that aim to stimulate a knowledge-based society by developing technology strategies in Africa, providing facilities, and optimizing promotions of innovation and entrepreneurship and provide an intellectual property framework to foster ICT innovation and growth in the region economy. Its vision is to promote African youth to be able to fulfill the requirements of their countries in the process of digital transformation for a digital Africa by the year 2050.

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