Chance to Win 42,000 USD at Wenxing Bridge International Design Competition 2020
China Building Center

Chance to Win 42,000 USD at Wenxing Bridge International Design Competition 2020


China Building Center هي منصة خدمة تكامل الموارد لقطاع التنمية الحضرية في الصين. والغرض منها هو رفع جودة البيئة المبنية من خلال التواصل الاستباقي لأفضل الخبرات في الصناعة وبدء الحوارات بين مختلف قطاعا
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Organisation à but non lucratif
Date limite
15 sept. 2020
Niveau d'études
Type d'opportunité
Pays éligibles
Région éligible
Toutes les régions

“BRIDGING” Yongxin Old City Wenxing Bridge International Design Competition not only aims to connect the physical space on both sides of the river, but also focus on connecting the old city culture and people’s life, linking the new and old urban areas, and activating the blocks and landscape belts on both sides of the river.

Therefore, the competition strives to create a new landscape, new landmark and new image of Yongxin Old City with novel forms and multiple functions through innovative designs, so as to provide new focus, new desire and new experience for residents and visitors of the old city. Meanwhile, the competition was taken as an opportunity to continue the context of the old city, foresee future constructions of the urban area, promotes further upgrading of the old city, creates a repair sample that integrates both banks and roots in the ground, as well as triggers the thinking and discussion of the contemporary concept of “bridge” and the urban renewal mode.


The competition takes “BRIDGE-COMPLEX” as the theme, transcends the conventional “bridge” functions of transportation and tourism, strives for the “bridge” design with a variety of possibilities and implementation. “Building” (refers to Linjiang Building) as an important node will be integrated, linking the life and space of both banks, further would enrich the modern typology content of “bridge”. The competition focuses on promoting the old city’s renewal plan with the mode of “BRIDGE-COMPLEX”, creating a new local “bridge” life of the old city, taking it as the generator of urban spirit and cultural life, cultivating new urban characteristics, and providing rich and vivid new perspectives, new stages and new highlights for the future life of the old city.

Competition Requirements:

The competition of “BRIDGE-COMPLEX” is not only research and exploration of the function and format of “bridge”, but also a practice of urban public space renewal. The competition requires to focus on the contemporary sociality and urbanity of “bridge”, and emphasizes the research and expression of the relationship among “bridge, building, and city”, so as to seek creative schemes that can be put into practice.

Design Principles:

  • Comprehensiveness: To reflect the thinking and coping strategy on the development of Yongxin's new and old urban areas, urban landscape pattern and cultural heritage, etc.
  • Foresight: To ensure the authenticity, pioneering, and creativity of the work, as well as foresee and lead the future development.
  • Implementation: The materials and construction forms of the design should be considered for future implementation.


The competition is open to young designers, artists, teams of teachers and students worldwide in the fields of planning, architecture, landscape, art, and intelligent design. Meanwhile, interdisciplinary professionals and practitioners are also encouraged to participate. Individual or team competitors are both acceptable. A team leader should be named for future contact if competitors participate as a team.


  • First Prize - (1 Team) Honor Certificate + Bonus 300,000 RMB (before tax, around 42,000 USD)
  • Second Prize - (1 Team) Honor Certificate + Bonus 200,000 RMB (before tax, around 28,000 USD)
  • Third Prize - (1 Team) Honor Certificate + Bonus 100,000 RMB (before tax, around 14,000 USD)

About China Building Center:

China Building Center is a resource integration service platform for the urban development sector in China. Its purpose is to raise the quality of the built environment by proactively communicating the best experiences in the industry and initiating dialogues between different segments of the urban development sector and different cultures.

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