An Opportunity to Win 10 Million KRW from Nexon Computer Museum

Date limite : 15 sept. 2020

Organisation à but non lucratif: Nexon Computer Museum

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Niveau d'études: Formation Professionnelle

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An Opportunity to Win 10 Million KRW from Nexon Computer Museum

Nexon computer museum has launched 2020 NCM VR X Reality competition. ‘X Reality’ is a new term that penetrates through all kinds of virtualization that not only includes VR (Virtual Reality), AR(Augmented Reality), and MR(Mixed Reality) but also encompasses XR (extended Reality, that broadens the perspectives of reality), CR(Cross Reality, that overlaps real and virtual world) and even unknown X, the undetermined and unpredictable. <NCM OPEN CALL> would like to embrace various kinds of innovative and challenging interpretations of virtualization.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • All Documents or items will not be returned when once submitted.
  • The copyright of the entry and all rights and responsibilities thereof shall be borne by the applicant (creator) In such case of:
  1. Infringement of intellectual property rights of others by plagiarism or duplication
  2. False information written in documents such as an application form
  3. Submitted work concerned as defaming others
  4. Possibility of breaching the law, the work can be excluded from the screening or the winner and the prize can be revoked even after winning the award.
  • Awarded projects can be used as promotional materials and posted on the organizer's website without additional consent procedures.
  • The organizer has the obligation to observe the confidentiality and security measures of the entry, and it is possible to disclose and share the entry only with the consent of the applicant.
  • The music used in video production must be a sound source that is not in violation of copyright, and may be excluded from the awards when copyright infringement is concerned.
  • The prize money will be paid to the representative applicant in a lump sum, and the recipients of prizes are solely responsible for paying any and all applicable taxes related to the prizes.
  • Above terms and conditions can be adjusted depending on the circumstances.


Total 22 million KRW

  • Grand Award (1) : 10 million KRW
  • SK Telecom Special Award (1) : 5 million KRW
  • Best Award (1) : 5 million KRW
  • Excellence Award (2) : 1 million KRW

Important Dates:

  • The application is opened from 1st July (Wed), 2020 – 15th September (Tue), 2020
  • Winner Announcement will be on 10th November (Tue), 2020
  • Award ceremony schedule would be further noticed via the website.

About Nexon Computer Museum: 

Creativity has always been the cornerstone of NEXON, with constant interest and dedication to develop fun and innovative graphical MMO games. Thus Nexon Computer Museum was established in Jeju to share the rich history of computers with the local community and children, under the premise that tracking and displaying the digital phenomenon, which has increasingly become a pivotal segment of society, is valuable for future generations.

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