A Chance to Win 30,000 Yen at ART Street Manga Competition from Medibang

A Chance to Win 30,000 Yen at ART Street Manga Competition from Medibang



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Organisation à but non lucratif
Date limite
30 sept. 2020
Niveau d'études
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Financement complet
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Toutes les régions

MediBang has announced the opening of the ART Street 6th anniversary competition. In this contest participant should draw a fanart of his favorite character among the official MediBang characters. MediBang is going to do a general election of those characters. There are main characters, and also minor characters that you don't see very frequently. To participate, choose one of the selected members, draw a fanart, and enter (vote). If you put multiple characters in one drawing, please vote for the one you like the most, or the one that is drawn the largest. Try to make your favorite character No1 by voting for it!

Entry Period:

Participating in this contest is open from June 30, 2020 to September 30, 2020 17:00 *Japan time

Entry Format:

  • JPG, PNG, PSD, MDP (File size: Under 30MB)
  • No designated size, but the DPI must be at least 300.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Limited to fanart of the selected member of this contest.
  • You may only choose 1 category per artwork. If there are multiple characters in the artwork, please select the category of your favorite character, or the character that is drawn the largest.
  • Anyone can enter the contest, regardless of whether they are a pro or just draw as a hobby.
  • No limit to the number of times a person can apply. Entrants are welcome to submit multiple works.
  • No plagiarism or double (duplicate) submissions to contests other than ART street.
  • Entries which involve sexual expression or brutal violence shall not be qualified to enter the contest.
  • Submissions for commercial use are prohibited.
  • Entrants should keep the original file before the results announced.
  • You may enter an artwork you have posted on a social media in the past. You can also post your artwork on social media during the entry period.
  • Works that are submitted to the contest will be posted for free and without compensation on the website managed by MediBang, Inc., social networking services/sites, catalogs, etc., for purposes such as contest promotion, advertising, announcing the results, etc.


  • Winner (Fantastic artwork of the character that had the most votes. 3 artwork maximum):30,000 yen
  • 2nd place (Fantastic artwork of the character that had the 2nd most votes. 2 artwork maximum):20,000 yen
  • 3rd place (Fantastic artwork of the character that had the 3rd most votes. 2 artwork maximum):10,000 yen
  • Character award (1 artwork each of the characters that are 4th place and below. 6 total):5000 yen
  • MediBang! award (Artwork with multiple characters. 2 artwork maximum. *No category specified):10,000 yen
  • Benefits for all the participants: A badge of the character you voted for, that you can place on your profile page (you will receive bades of all the characters you voted for) * You will receive the character badge about a month after the deadline.

About MediBang:

MediBang Inc. is the creator of the art app MediBang Paint and runs an online platform for sharing and viewing manga, novels, and artwork.

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