Essays Contest for Law Students in Developing Countries from Lex: lead

Date limite : 31 déc. 2020

Organisation à but non lucratif: Lex:lead

Spécialités: Droit

Niveau d'études: Etudiant

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Essays Contest for Law Students in Developing Countries from Lex: lead

Lex: lead Foundation is offering an essay competition for undergraduate students in any legal specialization in developing countries. The aim of the competition is to support students in continuing their studies, as prize funds will be presented directly to the educational institution which the student enrolls.

Competition Theme:

The student must submit an essay answering this year's question: How can laws promoting gender and disability rights support economic development?

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The candidate must be a citizen of one of the following countries: Comoros, Djibouti, Mauritania, Somalia, Sudan, or Yemen.
  • The candidate must be a student in one of the legal fields.
  • Essays must be in English, typed and single-spaced for a total of not more than five (5) pages. Page size must be standard (8”x11” or A4).
  • Font size may not be smaller than 10 points and applicants are advised to use a font such as Times New Roman that is recognized by a large number of software programs.
  • All work submitted must be the applicant’s own, original work with clear attribution where other sources are consulted.
  • You may answer the question in any way you wish but the contest is looking for insight and ideas that solve the problem posed; not a review of academic literature on the subject. If the idea is not your own you must cite where you found it, e.g. book title, author, and page number or interview subject and date, in sufficient detail for the citation to be found and verified.


  • Up to US$500 awards are to be made in February 2021 to the top-ranked essays.
  • Awards are generally payable to the winner's educational institution on his/her behalf and not to the winning student directly.
  • A Certificate of Participation will be sent to all registered candidates who submit an essay by the deadline.

Selection Process:

The Essays will be assigned to committees consisting of at least judges to evaluate the essays independently and then the mathematical mean is calculated to find out the final evaluation. For example, if one judge gives an essay 85/100 and a second judge gives it 75/100, the overall score will be 85+75÷2 or 80/100 (80%).

About Lex: lead:

Lex: lead is a group of international lawyers and friends who support economic development focusing on the world's least developed countries. It was launched in 2010 with a grant from the International Bar Association Foundation. In July 2012 the group joined the World Bank-supported Global Forum on Law, Justice, and Development as an intellectual partner. In 2010 the founding members set up Lex: lead as a New York Not-for-Profit registered charity with US Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

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Opportunités: Compétition

Pays éligible: Comores , Mauritanie , Soumalie , Djibouti , Soudan , Yemen


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