Socially Engaged Poetry Contest from Wax Poetry and Art 2020

Date limite : 20 sept. 2020

Organisation à but non lucratif: Wax Poetry

Spécialités: Beaux arts

Niveau d'études: Formation Professionnelle

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Socially Engaged Poetry Contest from Wax Poetry and Art 2020

Wax Poetry and Art invites all poets on Earth to submit to the Socially Engaged Poetry Contest #4. This contest will consider a wide definition of "socially engaged", including activist and protest poems, as well as poems that interrogate the nature of human societies in meaningful ways. This contest is edited by Kirk Ramdath, who is the publisher and editor of Wax Poetry and Art, Eleventh Transmission, and other publications. He has been an artist and arts activist since 2005, originally in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Kirk now lives in Nanaimo, British Columbia.

Competition Rules:

  • This is a free contest and submissions are open to everyone on Earth.
  • Submissions must be primarily in English. Use of indigenous
  • languages in the poem are acceptable, as long as English translations are provided.
  • Simultaneous submissions are allowed. However, please withdraw your submission from this contest immediately, if your poem is to be published elsewhere. Please note that poems may not be simultaneously submitted to more than one Wax Poetry and Art submission stream. You must submit a different poem to every Wax Poetry and Art submission opportunity.


  • When published, an Official Print Version of the poem will be made available for sale. The Official Print Version will be limited-edition, numbered, and printed on cardstock in a format similar to a greeting card. The winner will receive a 20% royalty on all print sales, as well as a 50% royalty on electronic sales, such as of .pdf documents and tip-jar payments. If the poem is ever collected into an online or print anthology, the same royalty rates apply, and royalties will be shared equally among all contributors, based on contribution. Royalties will be paid out annually in January to anyone who is owed $10 CAD or more. There is no initial payment.
  • The winning poet also wins one entry into the Wax Poetry and Art Champions Cup, also known as the Poetry Champions Cup.
  • Every poem published in this and all Wax Poetry and Art publications qualify for the Wax Poetry and Art Readers’ Choice prize of $50 CAD. When your work is published, share the link with your social network. The poem receiving the most unique page views during the calendar year of publication, of all poems published on the Wax Poetry and Art The network will be awarded a prize of $50 CAD. Poems published after December 1st will be included in the next year's competition.
  • The winner also grants the publisher the right to publish parts or all of the work on third-party platforms such as Facebook and other social media, specifically for the purpose of sharing the work with more people, and considering the evolving and experimental nature of the Internet. The editor reserves the right to make whatever changes are deemed necessary, at any time, to ensure that publication occurs. Unless an error has been made, the editor's decision is final.

About Wax Poetry:

Wax Poetry and Art is a poetry competition organized by Wax Poetry and Art magazine that has been edited by artist and art activist Kirk Ramdath since 2005. Wax Poetry and Art's mission is to bring the world of English-language poets together.

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