Design and Illustration Competition with $90,000 Prize from Superhero U
Superhero U

Design and Illustration Competition with $90,000 Prize from Superhero U


Superhero U هي مسابقة تهدف إلى إيجاد حلول للعديد من تحديات اليوم من خلال الإبداع والجرأة. في هذه المسابقة، يُطلب من المشاركين ابتكار بطل خارق يتصدى لتلك التحديات. يمكن للمشاركين إرسال القصص والرسوم الت
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Organisation à but non lucratif
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09 oct. 2020
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Toutes les régions

Superhero U Illustration Competition is now available for creative designers all over the world. Express your creative thinking, entrepreneurship, and innovation through designing your own hero in posters, comic strip, video, or videogame featuring your hero to solve a global problem.

About the Competition:-

  • Imagine yourself as a social entrepreneur passionate about solving a real-world challenge. Who would you be? What problem are you solving? How will you solve it? Complex modern challenges require innovation, drive, and a spark of superpowers to solve in a unique and imaginative way.

  • Innovate a Superhero that takes on those challenges and show what they can do.

  • Illustrate by telling your story. Submit written content, illustration, posters, photo collages, even movies that can explain your Superhero's mission to create, innovate, and problem-solve.


The participants must be high School or college Students, Individuals or Teams (maximum of 4).

Gained Experience:-

By participating in this competition, you will:

  • Provide significant educational opportunities to you and stimulate your intellectual and creative abilities.

  • Discover innovative and out-of-the-box solutions for the current social issues.

  • Empower your mind and broaden your thoughts to create a version of an ideal world.

  • Synthesize reasoning, expressiveness, and social empathy in the best possible manner.


  • The total Prizes of the competition worth $90,000.

  • Superhero U is designed to identify and nurture talent through creative thinking, entrepreneurship, and innovation all of which can earn prizes such as Internships Badges, gadgets and gift cards, educational scholarships, travel scholarships and learning opportunities to name a few. \

Competition Rounds:-

  • Rise of the Hero (Preliminary)

    • What is the name of your Superhero? Why is the selected theme important in today's scenario? What will your Superhero be up against?

  • The Battle Begins (Semi-Final)

    • Based on the selected theme, tell more about the kind of challenge that your Superhero will face.

  • Ultimate Showdown (Final)

    • Tell how your Superhero is going to solve the social challenges that you have identified.

About Superhero U:-

Superhero U is a competition whose aim is to find solutions to many of today’s challenges through creativity and boldness. In this competition, participants are required to innovate a Superhero that takes on those challenges. Participants can submit stories, illustration, posters, photo collages, and even movies that can explain their Superhero's mission.

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