Fully Funded Graduate Scholarships at Keio University in Japan 2021
Keio University

Fully Funded Graduate Scholarships at Keio University in Japan 2021

Japon 30 oct. 2020


جامعة كيو هي جامعة بحثية خاصة تقع في ميناتو، طوكيو، اليابان. إنها أقدم معهد للتعليم العالي الحديث في اليابان. أسسها فوكوزاوا يوكيتشي في الأصل كمدرسة للدراسات الغربية في عام 1858 في عصر إيدو. لدى الجام
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30 oct. 2020
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Keio University in Japan is offering the "Design the Future" scholarship for International Students joining the graduate schools of Keio University in 2021. 

Eligibility Criteria:

  • This award is open to international students of high academic standing and character who satisfy the following requirements at the time of their application being reviewed:
  1. The student must be an applicant to one of the graduate schools of Keio University for entry in either April or September 2021, or in April 2022, and must have received the recommendation of the graduate school.
  2. The student must be an applicant to either a Master’s Program, Ph.D Program, or a Professional Degree Program, for entry as a regular student.
  3. The student must have completed 15 years of formal education and have obtained their undergraduate degree outside Japan, or are expected to obtain their undergraduate degree before entering Keio University. However, students who have obtained, or are expected to obtain, their undergraduate degree at a Japanese institution are not eligible.
  • The student cannot be a recipient of another scholarship at the same time as receiving this award.
  • Incoming international students participating in a double degree program (hereafter “DD international students”) are eligible. 

Note: The student may not participate in overseas activities for a period of more than 6 months while they are receiving the award.

Scholarship Amount:

  • Full tuition and fees at Keio University (However, this does not apply to DD international students).
  • A monthly stipend of JPY 200,000.
  • A one-time preparation grant of JPY 150,000 (including a travel subsidy).

Duration of the Scholarship:

A maximum of two years for students in a Master’s Program and a maximum of three years for students in a Ph.D or Professional Degree Program. (Note: for a student who earns his/her degree before the end of the specified period, the award will be stopped once the degree is earned).

DD international students can only receive the award during the period enrolled at a Keio University graduate school and while taking the degree program at that graduate school.

Selection Process:

Each Graduate School performs a primary screening of applicants and nominates candidates to the Scholarship Committee. This committee then conducts a review of documents and conducts interviews for the final selection. The result of the primary screening will be announced only those who have passed it by the late of November and the interview will be scheduled on December 5, 2020. Detailed information will be sent to each applicant nominated for the scholarship.

About Keio University:

Keio University is a private research university located in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. It is the oldest institute of modern higher education in Japan. Founder Fukuzawa Yukichi originally established it as a school for Western studies in 1858 in Edo. It has eleven campuses in Tokyo and Kanagawa. It has ten faculties: Letters, Economics, Law, Business and Commerce, Medicine, Science and Technology, Policy Management, Environment and Information Studies, Nursing and Medical Care, and Pharmacy.

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