Lahti Poster Triennial Competition and Grand Cash Prize Euro 5000 2021

Lahti Poster Triennial Competition and Grand Cash Prize Euro 5000 2021

Lahti Poster Triennial

Lahti Poster Triennial

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Organisation à but non lucratif
Date limite
30 nov. 2020
Niveau d'études
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Financement complet
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Toutes les régions

Lahti Poster Triennial is offering a competition in designing  posters for the following categories Environmental postersHomes and Habitation – Wood in Homes for Sustainable Development and Ideological, social and cultural posters.


  • Environmental posters 
  • Homes and Habitation in Homes for Sustainable Development
  • Ideological, social and cultural posters


  • Grand Prize 5,000 €
  • The Grafia Tapani Aartomaa Prize 4,000 €
  • The Lauri Tarasti Prize for Environmental Posters 4,000 €
  • The Lahti Prize 3,000 €
  • The Special Prize of the Asko Foundation 3,000 €
  • Certificates of honour


  1. Posters accepted for category C are required to be previously published.
  2. The organising committee reserves the right to move individual posters to a different category than the one for which the designer has submitted it.
  3. The print technique of the posters accepted for the exhibition can be freely selected in all the categories.
  4. The registration information shall be filled in carefully. The submitted information will be used in the catalogue of the Lahti Poster Triennial. 
  5. The organisers of the competition will not be responsible for information given in the entry form.
  6. The organisers are entitled to stage exhibitions of the submitted entries in Finland and elsewhere. 
  7. The organisers have the right to reproduce submitted posters for information and publication purposes, for educational purposes and for marketing without payment of compensation. 
  8. In addition, the organisers have the right to reproduce works submitted for the competition in the exhibition catalogue, in other printed matter and in digital format, and to distribute them to the public via the internet, social media and other information networks.
  9. The posters and visual materials are not returned and will remain in the collections of the Lahti Poster Museum.
  10. The posters accepted for the exhibition must not be framed or mounted.
  11. The accepted posters must be packaged carefully. 
  12. The organisers are not responsible for damage during transport.
  13. The accepted participant pays all shipping and insurance costs to the destination, Collections Centre of the Lahti City Museum.
  14. Participants will be informed of being accepted for the exhibition. 
  15. The results of the competition will be announced and the prizes will be awarded at the opening of the exhibition.

Work Sample:

  • All the posters need to have been published after 1 January 2018.
  • The minimum size for accepted posters is 42 x 60 cm and the maximum size is 120 x 180 cm. 
  • The Lahti Poster Museum reserves the right to exclude from the exhibition posters smaller or larger than these dimensions.
  • An individual artist or group of artists may upload a maximum of four posters in digital format to the address .
  • The format for the poster documents is as follows: Long side 3508 pixels | JPG | RGB | 300 dpi.
  • There is an entry fee of €20 per artist/artist group. Four posters can be submitted with payment of the €20 fee.

About Lahti Poster Triennial:

The Lahti International Poster Triennial celebrated its twentieth exhibition in 2017, an event suitably coinciding with the centenary of Finnish independence. The next triennial will be held in 2021. The event is being postponed by a year, because the Poster Museum’s exhibition facilities at the old Art Museum in Vesijärvenkatu Street closed at the end of 2018.

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