HISF Scholarships for Graduate Students in Japan 2021
Honjo International Scholarship Foundation

HISF Scholarships for Graduate Students in Japan 2021

Japon 31 oct. 2020


تمت الموافقة على إنشاء مؤسسة Honjo للمنح الدراسية الدولية والمعروفة اختصارًا بـ (HISF) من قبل وزير التعليم الياباني في 25 ديسمبر 1996. حيث قام بتمويل تأسيسها الراحل ماسانوري هونجو، مؤسس شركة ltoen Ltd
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31 oct. 2020
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Honjo International Scholarship Foundation also known as "HISF", offers funded scholarships for foreign students to pursue their graduate studies in a Japanese university. The number of scholarships available is about 20 and the payment of the scholarship money will be issued starting from April, 2021.

Main Guidelines:

  1. The period of the scholarship is set in accordance with the shortest period of time required to complete the intended degree as follows:
    • ¥200,000 per month for 1 or 2 years.
    • ¥180,000 per month for 3 years.
    • ¥150,000 per month for 4 or 5 years.
  2. Travel expenses for attending an international conference, etc. will be provided to scholarship students following to our scholarship provision rules.
  3. The student is not permitted to receive any other scholarship in conjunction with the scholarship offered by the Honjo International Scholarship Foundation.
  4. The student cannot gain employment other than part-time jobs related to his or hers studies such as teaching assistants, research assistants, or related to international exchange affairs as translators or interpreters while receiving this scholarship.
  5. Candidates who get the scholarship need to come for an individual interview almost every month; and they should attend the events held by the Honjo foundation.
  6. After graduation, students will be required to attend Honjo Foundation's alumni events.


  1. The student does not possess Japanese citizenship.
  2. The student must be registered to attend or applying for a graduate school starting from April 1st, 2021.
  3. Students enrolled in a professional graduate school are not applicable, however, those who can submit a research plan can apply for this scholarship program.
  4. Students enrolled in a PhD Program must have been born after March 31st,1983. Those enrolled in a Master’s Program must have been born after March 31st, 1988.
  5. The student must be able to assure the committee that he or she will be able to secure employment in their home country after graduating from a graduate school.
  6. The student must have a deep understanding of international friendship and goodwill, and must be able to attend the events organized by the foundation and take part in the network as an alumni member.
  7. The student must be able to carry an everyday conversation in Japanese. Interviews will be conducted in Japanese.

Documents Needed:

When applying for this scholarship, these documents must be submitted:

  1. A scholarship application form.
  2. Academic transcript.
  3. Research plan in Japanese.
  4. One recommendation letter from an academic supervisor.
  5. A certificate of enrollment or a letter of admission.

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