Job Opportunity in Jordan: Online Course Trainer in Business Competitiveness with Souq Fann

Job Opportunity in Jordan: Online Course Trainer in Business Competitiveness with Souq Fann

Jordanie 28 oct. 2020
Souq Fann

Souq Fann

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28 oct. 2020
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Souq Fann is offering a job opportunity in Jordan as a Trainer in the Business Competitiveness field to conduct an online course. Souq Fann and Blumont are delighted to conduct an online course titled “Business Competitiveness” dedicated to designers/artisans who are aiming to understand better the selection criteria of Souq Fann and the market standards in general in order to compete on the market. Therefore, this training aims to support the producers by helping them to acquire a comprehensive overview of the markets, and how they can develop their businesses in compliance with Souq Fanna and the market standards. 

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Professional experience in the business and product development field
  2. Teaching experience 
  3. Being comfortable in front of a camera

About Souq Fann: 

Souq Fann is an easy-to-use online platform where people can find Jordan’s best handmade and locally-produced goods, gifts, and treasures. Souq Fann provides a platform for small-scale artists and artisans to share and sell their work online. From the comfort of their computer or mobile device, the customers can browse through hundreds of high-quality products made with pride. Souq Fann is more than just an Art Market - it is a door to new possibilities for their business. At the same time, Souq Fann gives customers around the world a window into the rich history and culture of communities across Jordan.

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