Adaptive Computing Developer Contest with $10,000 Prize from Hackster

Adaptive Computing Developer Contest with $10,000 Prize from Hackster


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15 nov. 2020
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Hackster ,in cooperation with Xilinx, is inviting developers all over the world to participate in the Adaptive Computing Developer Contest. Adaptive computing is behind the innovations changing the world as we know it today across applications that span from the home, roads, hospitals and to the skies. Participate in this competition and win a prize of $10,000 USD

Contest Theme:-

Xilinx and are challenging developers to combine the power of Xilinx adaptive computing platforms with the Vitis development environment and Vitis AI to solve real world problems of today. Submissions should highlight the programmable-logic enabled hardware acceleration capabilities of Xilinx platforms, utilize Vitis or Vitis AI, and show creativity in their design.

Contest Categories:-

  • Category 1: Adaptive Intelligence of Things

    • The age of IoT 2.0 is upon us. The "Internet of Things" has grown up and to become the "Intelligence of Things". Objects all around us are not only connected, but using data collected from sensors to make decisions and take action to improve our quality of life and drive efficiency.

    • Example IoT 2.0 Applications:

      • Smart home

      • Smart traffic and navigation

  • Category 2: Intelligent Video Analytics

    • We are in the age of cameras! An abundance of video data is created every millisecond in the world. All that raw video data is here to help a future with safer cities, better infrastructure, better medical diagnoses and so much more thanks to intelligent video analytics.

    • Example Intelligent Video Analytics Applications:

      • Smart City.

      • Smart Retail.

      • ADAS.

      • Robotics Vision.

      • Medical Imaging.

  • Category 3: Adaptable Compute Acceleration

    • Data centers are the rooms where it happens. Thanks to data centers, we can stream our favorite shows, archive and access incredible amounts of information, perform machine learning inference...and the list goes on. This all, of course, creates very large and complex workloads on data centers.

    • Example Compute Acceleration Applications:

      • Financial Computing.

      • Machine Learning.

      • Computational Storage.

      • Data Search & Analytics.

  • AWS is providing the participants the opportunity to experience AWS Cloud along with FPGA development through AWS F1 instances. Participants can now enter/compete in the Adaptive Compute Acceleration category (Category 3) using AWS Services credits to use towards cloud-based AWS EC2 F1 Instances.

  • Extra points to developers who will combine additional cloud applications into their design, examples might be adding a database, AWS IOT connectivity or storage.

General Conditions:-

  • You must be registered as a participant for this contest.

  • You must become a member of the Xilinx hub.

  • Your entry must be your own original work.

  • Your entry cannot have been selected as a winner in any other Hackster contest.

  • Your team is no more than 5 members per entry.

  • By entering a submission to this contest on behalf of a team, you acknowledge that you are the designated representative authorized to act on behalf of your team.

  • For more specific conditions, click here.


Hackster is giving a great prize to the top 9 projects.

  • Adaptive Intelligence of Things

    • 1st Place: US$10,000

    • 2nd Place: US$5,000

    • 3rd Place: US$3,000

  • Intelligent Video Analytics

    • 1st Place: US$10,000

    • 2nd Place: US$5,000

    • 3rd Place: US$3,000

  • Adaptable Compute Acceleration

    • 1st Place: US$10,000

    • 2nd Place: US$5,000

    • 3rd Place: US$3,000

About Hackster:

Hackster, an Avnet community, is the world’s largest developer community for learning, programming, and building hardware with 1.4M+ members and 24K+ open source projects. From machine learning and edge computing to IoT security and automation, Hackster is the leading place where exploring tomorrow starts today. Hackster teams up with local and global corporate sponsors to host contests where participants can submit their inventive technology solutions for a chance to win big prizes.

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