Berytech Online Event for Entrepreneurs and Startup Development

Berytech Online Event for Entrepreneurs and Startup Development



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Organisation à but non lucratif
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05 nov. 2020
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Toutes les régions

Are you a researcher, instructor, a post-graduate, an innovator, an engineer, or a technician? Have you had developed an applied research project or prototype or technology and looking to access the market, create a startup, and get international exposure? Berytech invites you to take part in The Regional Innovation Factory: from research to market, a program allowing you to develop your research or technology innovation in any sector into a practical and commercially-viable product or application. The program is conducted virtually.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applied research or project is innovative and technology-based.
  • The project has an existing prototype or product launched in the market.
  • The project addresses an important economic or social need.
  • Market and economic viability of the project.
  • Potential of Scalability to the Mediterranean region.
  • Team expertise and motivation.
  • Projects that capitalize and address opportunities in the post-Covid-19 society are a plus.
  • The project should be based in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, or Tunisia and should include at least 1 member who holds the nationality of the country.

The Regional Program's Timeline:

The four-month regional program will be conducted virtually and includes:

3-Day Intensive Entrepreneurship Bootcamp - December 2020:

Group 1: December 2-4, 2020

Group 2: December 9-11, 2020

Twenty-one (21) projects will be selected from 7 countries (3 per country) to participate in a 3-day intensive virtual Bootcamp, led by an international expert, for up to 2 people per team. The Bootcamp program focuses on teamwork, networking, mentoring sessions with international and local experts, learning, applied knowledge, and exchange of expertise. It will aim at helping you explore market, funding, commercialization, and business opportunities, as well as develop a valid business model for your innovation with access to:

  • Receive technical and practical guidance and interaction with experts.
  • Develop your own business model.
  • Learn about intellectual property. 
  • Develop your commercialization and market strategy.
  • Develop a process for technology protection.
  • Learn about basic financial modeling.
  • Prepare your pitch to present it to investors and partners.

Jury Day: December 2020

Seven final teams will be selected by a regional jury committee to proceed with the incubation phase. The pitching teams are graded and evaluated based on their value proposition, their innovation and market need, the applicability of their technology and intellectual property, their business model and scalability potential, their team and implementation capacity, and finally on their pitch effectiveness.

4-Month Incubation Phase: (January-April 2021):

The selected teams will benefit from 4-month incubation support from Berytech and partners as well as receive a grant of 5,000€ to be spent on technical and business support.

The 4-month incubation period will revolve around:

  • setting the selected team’s roadmap of activities,
  • assessing their needs and challenges,
  • matching them with the right experts,
  • setting up meetings with potential investors, and
  • granting them access to masterclasses.

Virtual Matchmaking Event - February 2021

The seven teams will be presenting their technologies during a virtual matchmaking event, in front of an audience of partners, industry players, experts and investors, from the Mediterranean region, getting valuable feedback and collaboration opportunities for their projects.

  • Day 1 – Investment: meeting with an investor to receive investment feedback for their research project and to prepare them to receive funding when they are ready.
  • Day 2 – Technical: meeting with a technical expert based on their needs and request to provide them with technical expertise to help them develop their prototypes and innovations.
  • Day 3 – Market opportunity: Each startup will meet with an industry player that they have selected to explore opportunities for collaboration in their fields.

Soft-Landing Mission - Spring 2021

One team will be selected based on the incubation progress to receive a soft-landing voucher and grant at a partner’s institution to gain expertise and explore collaboration to implement the project in another country.

About Berytech:

Initiated in 2002 by the Saint-Joseph University, Berytech provides a dynamic environment for the creation and development of startups fostering innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. Since Berytech’s inception in 2002, It has housed a repertoire of more than 250 entities, assisted more than 3,150 entrepreneurs in several outreach programs, created more than 1750 job opportunities, granted more than $600K+ to startups, and have been investing more than $70M in Lebanese technology companies.

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