Job Opportunity at TRT Turkey: Game Designer 2020

Job Opportunity at TRT Turkey: Game Designer 2020

Turquie 04 déc. 2020
TRT Turkey

TRT Turkey

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Organisation à but non lucratif
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04 déc. 2020
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TRT Turkey is looking for a talented Game Designer to join the team and work in Istanbul for 2020. 

Primary tasks:

  1. Design gameplay, story, economies, core loops, UI/UX, presentation, and auxiliary systems for games in casual, trivia and puzzle genres.
  2. Interpret and execute on both verbal and written direction, as available, alongside provided or self-researched design reference to understand the context and objectives for designs.
  3. Understand and empathize with a wide range of audiences to help create games they love.
  4. Analytics based tuning and projecting.
  5. Seethe product vision and share the company’s obsession for making it more amazing every day.
  6. Passionately contribute to every project.
  7. Feedback and help improve systems and process.

Key skills and experience:

  1. 3+ years’ experience in the mobile game industry.
  2. Experience with creating GDDs, wireframes, flows and documentation.
  3. Game balancing and economy experience.
  4. Deep level of experience as a Game Designer.
  5. Understand target audience needs.
  6. Mathematical, analytical, and logical skills.
  7. Designing, defining and maintaining all game mechanics.
  8. Analyze key performance indicators, user testing and feedback.
  9. Passion for games.

About TRT:

TRT World is a Turkish international news channel broadcast 24-hours per day in English. The news channel is based in Istanbul. It provides worldwide news and current affairs with a pronounced emphasis on news relating to Turkey and Western Asia.

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