Engineer with PhD in physics/mechanics, versatile and open to all fields

Engineer with PhD in physics/mechanics, versatile and open to all fields

France 03 oct. 2022


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03 oct. 2022
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Your skills:

You have an engineering degree and a PhD related to physics or mechanics (all fields are suitable, mechatronics, robotics, electronics, mechanics, microfluidics ... ) and you are ready to work on multidisciplinary projects.

Ideally, you have skills in fluid mechanics/microfluidics, mechanical design and, to top it all off, some knowledge of electronics or programming.

You are scientifically rigorous, creative and pragmatic.

You know how to think "outside the box", to find simple solutions to complicated problems, you are not afraid to tackle complex issues and you know how to quickly make them your own.

You feel comfortable in an international environment and are confident to work independently.

You don't like routine, and you can adapt quickly to changes in direction.

You want to do meaningful work, and you want your participation in our research projects to help change the world.

At Elvesys, we like: People of action, creative people, autonomous people, curious people, team players. People who do more than talk, people who are demanding of themselves but who take care of those around them. Those who question themselves, those who want an intense and contrasting life, those who bring pastries for the team.

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