why students should use a pair of glasses with computer light protection

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why students should use a pair of glasses with computer light protection

As a student you will  be exposed to comptuter screen for long hours. All you need is to buy a pair of glasses for prolonged periods during the day. Computers and cell phones emit blue light, which is one reason why your eyes feel tired after staring at a bright screen.
Blue light can damage your retinas, and computer glasses are one way of screening out that blue light and saving your eyes the strain.
This type of glasses are very expensive but you can buy them from Glasses shopat at a price starting from 20 $.
Some computer glasses go for nearly $100, but this functional $20 pair will serve you very well.
As a Phd student you will find yourself squinting at a computer screen. Not because the type magically got smaller or your eyesight poorer, but because the bright light can suddenly feel glaring. even if you are a non-glasses wearer, your eyes will feel tired and strained.
You feel lost between work, email, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and whatever other computerized activities we take part in during the day, a lot of us spend a significant portion of the day with our faces inches away from a glowing screen. Those screens are emitting something called blue light, which is harmful to our retinas when exposed over long periods of time. Blue light is right next to UV on the light spectrum, and it works in a similar way. It can also lead to poor sleep by messing with the circadian rhythm of your sleep cycle.
It is better to reduce the amount of harmful UV  that the eyes will recieve. Using this glasses shopat.
You will notice the benefit of it once you start using it, The most important benefit of using prescription glasses when viewing your computer screen is the reduced eye strain. Consistent eye strain may damage your eyes and produce problems, such as cataracts and eye lesions. You should ensure that you take constant breaks from working on the computer and using your single vision glasses at all times.

Working to reduce eye strain is important. Computer vision syndrome is a real hazard these days, with a large number of smart device present all around us. Prescription eyewear products become an important necessity if you want to protect yourself and your family from permanent eye damage.
A common problem that computer operators face is that of dry eyes. that this will be also solved. This occurs when we keep our eyes constantly in the same place, such as the computer screen. Staying away from your computer may not be a suitable option, especially if your profession demands it for our case a student. However, using a suitable solution, such as wearing computer reading glasses will offer you better protection and the ability to work on the computer for extended time periods. 

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