Abdullatif Al Fozan Award for Mosque Architecture, Prize Money of 10,000 USD

Abdullatif Al Fozan Award for Mosque Architecture, Prize Money of 10,000 USD

Abdullatif Al Fozan Award for Mosque Architecture

Abdullatif Al Fozan Award for Mosque Architecture

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Organisation à but non lucratif
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20 mars 2019
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Abdullatif Al Fozan Award for Mosque Architecture seeks to develop the architectural solutions of the mosques based on contemporary standards and methodologies that will facilitate prayer and worship practices in mosques. It also seeks to develop the inner environment of the mosque, as to be sustainable and comfortable for all people, including those with special needs. Accordingly, the General Secretariat announces this competition in the process to have innovative designs for accessories and equipment that will help to enhance the improvability of prayer, worship, ablution, movement, visuals, audio, and tangible essentials. 

Categories and Prizes

Creative and effective designs for the accessories used in mosques are required to facilitate prayer, worship and charity functions. 

The candidate may choose to work on one group or more from the following:

  • Group 1: Innovative seats and equipped plots for the elderly and people with special needs.  (Prize 10000 $)
  • Group 2: Innovative design for perceptional appliances designated for people of special needs (blind, deaf and dumb). (Prize 10000$)
  • Group 3: Designs for movable Quran Reading Holders, Prayers' movable partitions. (Prize 10000 $)
  • Group 4: Equipment and facilities that will conserve water and help maintain hygiene for ablution. (Prize 10000 $)
  • Group 5 Shelves' units and lockers for footwear. (Prize 10000 $)
  • Group 6: Wall Watches, frames and hangers for Dua'a, Supplications and Announcements. (Prize 10000 $)
  • Group 7:
    1- Water Bottles Containers
    2- Hand and Face Tissues Containers
    3-  Sterilization fluid containers
    4- Trash bins (Prize 10000 $)

General Terms

  1. Designs that contain environmentally friendly materials will be preferred. 
  2. Designs should be easy for dismantling and assembling  
  3. Possibility of manufacturing these designs in large quantities 
  4. "Abdul Latif Al-Fozan Award for Mosque Architecture" owns the intellectual property of the winning designs and has the right of publishing them. However, the designer keeps only his moral rights. 
  5. Designer should provide a demonstration for his designs within mosques. 
  6. The designer of the "awarded design"  may be asked for additional information, details and drawings after announcing results. 
  7. "Abdul Latif Al-Fozan Award  Mosque Architecture" has the right of manufacturing those designs 
  8. Jurors have the right to exclude any of the designs that include mistakes or proved to be copied. 
  9. Competitors can include (utilize) additional electronic or digital devices within their design, but it should not exceed 40%.
  10. It’s possible to participate in the design of one group or more. 
  11. Jurors can withhold any prize of any group only if the submitted work is not up to the required level.


  1. The Evaluation Jury includes 5 members, and those members will be nominated by the Executive Office of AAFAMA. 
  2. The Evaluation Jury includes architects, interior designers, and industry experts. 
  3. Process of Evaluation comprises of three phases, preliminary, prefinal and final.
  • Art
  • Design
Opportunity Targets
  • Anyone Interested
Required Documents
  • Sample of your work
Funding : Partial funding
Funding Coverage
  • Participation fees
  • No Language Required

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