Win up to 12000 with ASCAD Prize for the Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands

Date limite : 31 déc. 2019

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Win up to 12000 with ASCAD Prize for the Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands

The Arab Center for the Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands calls for ACSAD´s prize in it´s fifth session 2020.

Award's Areas:

This awards includes the following areas:

  • Agricultural extension and sustainable rural development.
  • Planning and evaluation of agricultural extension programs.
  • Natural resources management and sustainability.
  • The adoption of modern techniques and transfer agricultural technologies.
  • Agricultural media and its role in dissemination of agricultural innovations.
  • The use of information and communication technology in agricultural extension.
  • Rural women and youth programs.
  • Reforming the extension system to contain the economic changes to cope with globalization.
  • Coordination and integration between extension and research institutions.


  1. 1st winner: a prize of 12,000$ and a shield.
  2. 2nd winner: a prize of 8000$ and a shield.
  3. 3rd winner: a prize of 6000$ a shield.
  4. The awards ceremony will take place during the general assembly meetings of the Arab Center ACSAD 2020.
  5. Winners will be invited to the award ceremony. Travel expenses and accommodation will be covered by ACSAD.
  6. Winners will be invited to give a lecture on their research during the conferences of Agricultural Research Managers or during any scientific meeting that will be held by ACSAD.

Terms and conditions

  • The purpose of the award must correspond to the specialization of applicants or to the activities of the organizations and institutions, supporting the scientific research of developing the Arab agriculture in arid Zones and dry Lands.
  • The project must provide ideas or practical mechanism, and have a direct impact on the level of achieving encouraging results.
  • The project must be creative, serious and innovative. Participants can get inspired by global experiences in a way that adapts to Arab circumstances.
  • Project must be with a strategic dimension and has to provide an important knowledge or application that serves the development of Arab agriculture.
  • Project must contribute to solving or overcoming some of the obstacle that prevents to the development and progress of the Arab agricultural sector in arid and semi-arid areas.
  • Project must meet an urgent and existing agricultural need in the Arab agricultural sector.
  • Candidates researches should have the requirements of scientific research.
  • Contribute to the creation of an advanced agricultural environment that will transform dry areas from marginal areas to productive areas.


  1. Anyone who has contributed or is actively contributing to the achievement of any criteria for the award is eligible to apply.
  2. Applicants must adhere to the subject of the announced award.
  3. Anyone who has completed an outstanding scientific achievement in the subject of the award or one of its branches shall apply for the award.
  4. Projects must be submitted in Arabic Language.
  5. Project should not exceed the date of completion of three years before the date of submission.
  6. The submitted work should not previously have had won.
  7. The submitted work should not be part of a doctorate, master's thesis or graduation project, and should not have been used for recruitment or promotion to a higher rank in the faculty.
  8. Only one project is permitted to submit per person.
  9. The ACSAD Prize is awarded only to individuals who are alive when they are nominated.
  10. Members of the Award Committees or their Families are not eligible.
  11. Experts and researchers working at ACSAD are not eligible.
  12. Both applicants and the main researcher must be nationals of citizens or an arab country.
  13. Studies, research or projects supervised, co-sponsored or funded by ACSAD are not eligible.
  14. A certified copy of the patent shall be submitted by the concerned authority in the candidate's country if the candidate's work includes an invention (new technology, new plant species ...).
  15. Take into consideration the intellectual property rights in the references to which they are based.

Required documents

  1. Nomination form.
  2. A brief summary of the presented work and its practical importance up to 3 pages (A4 page size, font size 14, font type in Times New Roman, side margins 2.3 cm, top and bottom 3.17).
  3. CV or a summery of scientific and research activities of the organization in the field of agricultural development of dry land areas.
  4. Three hard copies and an soft copy of the project that doesn't include any indications of the researcher´s name, and a fourth hard and soft copy that includes the name of the researcher.
  5. A  recommendation letter from three outstanding scientists to introduce the candidates and their project.
  6. Copy of the passport in addition to certified copies of the academic certificates.

About organization

ACSAD is a regional center for research and studies on the development of the arid and semi-arid areas of the Arab World. ACSAD’s activities include research, training programs, organizing scientific meetings, providing technical advice and assistance and establishing technical cooperation with Arab and international organizations.

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