The State's Prize for Children's Literature Worth 200,000 Qatari Riyal 2019

Date limite : 20 oct. 2019

Organisation à but non lucratif: Qatar State Prize for Children's Literature

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The State's Prize for Children's Literature Worth 200,000 Qatari Riyal 2019

The State Prize for Children’s Literature was launched to encourage creative writers from Qatar and the Arab world to produce high-level works in the field of children’s literature and arts. These works will develop children’s literary and cultural abilities, create and raise literary awareness and enrich the Qatari and Arab library with literary and artistic works in the fields of children’s literature inspired by heritage and reality.

Competition Categories:

  1. The story
  2. The novel
  3. Children’s songs
  4. Literary studies
  5. Drawings in children’s books
  6. Poetry 
  7. Theatrical text
  8. Acting
  9. Music of children’s songs

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Be a Qatari or an Arab writer interested in children’s literature and arts. 
  2. Scientific and cultural authorities may nominate names for this award.
  3. Writers and creators may nominate themselves directly for this award.
  4. You must select one of the categories to participate with.

Eligibility criteria for the participating works:

  1. The work presented should be original and innovative, adding to the children’s literature and arts.
  2. The work presented to the award should be addressed to the age group from 3 to 18 years old, or as indicated in each category.
  3. The work must not have been awarded another local, Arab or international award.
  4. The work should not have been published by a print, visual or audible media.
  5. The work submitted should not be a thesis or a research paper.
  6. The page size in the work presented (A4) should in Traditional Arabic, size 16, and the pages should be numbered according to their sequence. Works that include some paintings are excluded from the size.
  7. Previous winners have the right to apply for nomination again 3 years after receiving the award in any of its categories. 
  8. Participants do not have the right to retrieve the material with which they participated.
  9. The award secretariat owns the right of production, printing, publishing, and distribution for 3 years.

Special Conditions in Categories:

The novel:

  1. The number of words should not be less than 7,000 words and not more than 20,000 words.
  2. The novel should invest in artistic building tools, storytelling techniques, artistic and qualitative storytelling and other methods appropriate to the culture of children according to the specified age.

The story:

  1. At least 5 stories in the collection, and no more than 10 stories.
  2. Not less than 3 pages per story, and not more than 15 pages.
  3. The stories should take into account the level of the target group in terms of intellectual vision and expressive tools in accordance with the child’s culture.
  4. No drawings are required if the age group in the stories is over 10 years old.


  1. The number of poems should not be less than 15, and not more than 20 poems. Each poem should not exceed 15 verses.
  2. Poems should take into account the musical or rhythmic aspect, especially the diversity of light that suits the children’s culture. 
  3. Poems should take into account the artistic imagination, meaningful expressions, and creative high-end language in accordance with the age of children targeted.

Theatrical texts:

  1. The number of pages of theatrical texts should not be less than 30 pages.
  2. Texts should be smooth, clear and artistic.
  3. The language of the text is smooth and its ideas are clear and appropriate to the child’s culture and level of awareness.

Children’s songs:

  1. The work submitted should not be less than 3 songs and not more than 5 songs.
  2. The duration of 1 song is not less than 3 minutes, and not more than 5 minutes.
  3. A full operetta of at least 20 minutes and no more than 30 minutes can participate.
  4. The text must be concerned with pedagogical, educational, moral and sentimental aspects expressing the theme of the song and is compatible with the children’s culture.
  5. The melody component should be diverse and the music distribution should be complete.
  6. Musical notes are attached to all works submitted.

Literary studies:

  1. Literary studies must range from 35,000 words to 60,000 words, with sources and references.
  2. The scientific method should be used to determine the theoretical principles and formulate hypotheses, as well as the method of obtaining data, methods of analysis and the tools used.
  3. The study should provide new processing in studies on children’s literature. 
  4. The diversity of the study in the use of paper and electronic information resources. 
  5. The study should contain the results of previous studies to develop them.
  6. The study should achieve normative results at the theoretical and practical levels, enriching scientific knowledge in the field of literary studies directed at the child.

Prize Value:

The winner will be awarded a prize of QR 200,000 in each of the announced categories. In case of multiple winners in the same field, the prize money shall be divided equally among them, and all winners will be awarded a gold medal with a certificate of appreciation.

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