Competition for Arab Novelists and the Chance to Win 75,000 Egyptian Pounds
Higher Council for Culture

Competition for Arab Novelists and the Chance to Win 75,000 Egyptian Pounds

Egypte 31 oct. 2019


فى عام 1956 صدر قرار إنشاء المجلس الأعلى لرعاية الفنون والآداب، كهيئة مستقلة ملحقة بمجلس الوزراء، تسعى إلى تنسيق الجهود الحكومية والأهلية فى ميادين الفنون والآداب، وكان المجلس بهذه الصورة هو الأول من
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31 oct. 2019
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Toutes les régions

The Higher Council for Culture announces the opening of the entry for the international novelist Naguib Mahfouz novel competition in Egypt and the Arab world for 2019.


  1. This award is given to the best published novels published in 2017/2018 for Egyptians and Arabs living abroad.
  2. The contestant shall not submit the same novel to another contest until the results of the competition are announced and a declaration from him shall be attached.
  3. The contestant must submit a declaration that he has not received any prize from the other competitions for the novel presented.
  4. The contestant must present four copies of the novel.
  5. Novels are not recalled after being checked.
  6. Deadline for receipt of works is 31 October 2019.


The prize is 75,000 EGP for the best Egyptian novel, and 75,000 EGP for the best Arabic novel.

About the Council:

The decision to establish the Higher Council for Arts and Literature Care was issued in 1956, as an independent department attached to the Council of Ministers, which seeks to coordinate governmental and private efforts in the fields of arts and literature. This Council was the first of its kind in the Arab region, which led many Arab countries to follow the example of Egypt and form similar councils. Two years later, the Council also became competent to sponsor social sciences. For nearly a quarter of a century, the Higher Council for the Arts, Literature and Social Sciences has exercised its role in the cultural and intellectual life of Egypt. In 1980, the Higher Council for Culture became the new Higher Council for Culture with the promulgation of Law No. 150 of 1980. It's headed by the Minister of Culture. 

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