Literary Competition and Full Paid Expenses to Publish the Winning Novel from Dar Al Saqi

Date limite : 31 déc. 2019

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Literary Competition and Full Paid Expenses to Publish the Winning Novel from Dar Al Saqi

DAR AL SAQI has opened its door to participate at Mai Ghosoub competition in its second version in 2021 from the first of February 2019 to 31 December 2019. The winning novel will be announced in a ceremony held in Beirut on February 2021. The winner and the judges will attend this ceremony with the winning published novel.

About the Competition:

The Competition was nominated after the Lebanon artist and writer Mai Ghosoub ( 1952 - 2007 ), she is the founder of DAR AL SAQI with her  Companion André Kaspar. Mai ghosoub mixed between her passion for literature, writing, music, and Sculpture. she was known for her courage and defense of women's issues. She published "Mazaj Al Madin", "Goodbye Beirut", "Imaginary Manhood", Arab Women and Masculine  Originality, "Postmodernism: The Arabs in a Video Clip."

Criteria for the Competition:

  1. Novels must be written in Arabic only.
  2. The author mustn't have published a book before.


DAR AL SAQI will publish the winning novel

The Previous Version of the Competition:

Ayadon novel which was written by Kawther Jahmi won Mai ghosoub prize in its first version in 2019. The jury consisted of poet and writer Abbas Baydoun, novelist Jabbour al-Duweihi and Rania al-Moualem from Dar al-Saqi. The Committee's report concluded: "The jury has received many impressive novels. However, the committee unanimously agreed to consider the novel" Ayaden "by Libyan poet Kawthar Al-Jahmi the winner of the" Mai Ghosoub Prize for the Novel ". The novel penetrates into the Libyan reality smoothly and poetically and illuminates new and unknown images of this reality. It is also a successful combination of realism and fantasy, above that it emerges from the Libyan reality to pose problems and issues of Arab and humanitarian. Add to that the durability of narrative and the strength of construction.


It is the first Arabic library in the UK. It started to publish books in English in the second year. It started to publish in Arabic in 1987 because of it's good relations with readers and publishers. In 1991, It opened it's a branch in Beirut and started to prompt for intellectual modernity, and the renaissance of Arab culture. It also worked on political and intellectual issues especially those which are important to Arab and Western Worlds like democracy, Tolerance and intellectual renaissance. DAR AL SAQI seeks to be the bridge between Arab and Western culture in order to encourage the dialogue, prompt the western culture and introduce them to Arab leaders. Dar Al-Saqi's list includes a large selection of contemporary writers, Arabs, English, and French, such as Adonis, Mohammed Arkoun, Mohammed Shahrour, Turki Al-Hamad.

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