Enel Group Challenge in the Circular Economy Field 2019
Enel Group

Enel Group Challenge in the Circular Economy Field 2019

عبر الإنترنت 31 déc. 2019


مجموعة Enel هي شركة طاقة متعددة الجنسيات وأحد الشركات العالمية الرائدة في مجال الكهرباء والغاز. تعمل شركة Enel في 35 دولة عبر 5 قارات، وتولد الطاقة بطاقة صافية تبلغ 85 غيغاواط تقريبًا، وتبيع الغاز وتوز
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Enel Group announced a new challenge in the Circular Economy field under the name: Circular Partnerships for Local Communities. This challenge aims at potential for socio-economic growth and long term sustainable shared value creation in local communities through partnership and circular economy approach.

About the Challenge:

Enel sustainability initiatives foster finding a new way of relationships between markets, customers and natural resources, rethinking products and services, using ecosystem approach based on durability, renewability, reuse, repair, refurbishment and reduced material use.

There are five business models (circular supplies, resource recovery, product life-extension, sharing platform, and products as a service) and three technologies (digital, physical and biological solutions) that will help the participant to implement the circular economy.

In order to generate value in its business areas, Enel needs to find partners on the territory that would help the company gain innovative ideas to be transformed in actions to create value for local communities.


Collaboration and testing agreement.

Challenge Rules:

Submissions to this Challenge must be received by 11:59 PM (CET) on December 31, 2019. Late submissions will not be considered.

After the Challenge deadline, Enel will complete the review process and all proposers will be notified on the status of their submissions; however, no detailed evaluation of individual submissions will be provided.


An Enel technical panel will evaluate the participant proposal and might contact him to gather additional information.

  • Participant innovative proposal will be evaluated based on technical parameters, economic and business impact for Enel. The presentation of the proposal will also be evaluated.
  • At the end of the assessment, participant will receive feedback.
  • In case of success, an Enel contact person will get in touch with the participant to discuss the next steps.

About Enel:

Enel is a multinational energy company and one of the world’s leading integrated electricity and gas operators. Enel works in 35 countries across 5 continents, generating energy with a net installed capacity of almost 85 GW, selling gas and distributing electricity across a network spanning approximately 2.2 million km. With 63.5 million end users around the world, Enel has the biggest customer base among its European competitors, and it is one of Europe’s leading energy companies by installed capacity and reported EBITDA. The Group is made up of nearly 62,900 people who help promote Enel’s two cardinal principles: innovation and sustainability.

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