Grants of $5,000 for University Students in Photojournalism in Conflict

Date limite : 31 oct. 2019

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Grants of $5,000 for University Students in Photojournalism in Conflict

The Center on Conflict and Development invites undergraduate and postgraduate student photojournalists from anywhere in the world to submit their projects for the Student Media Grant Program 2019 to cover difficult topics in conflict-affected countries through compelling photo stories. This grant is for students interested in capturing conflict-related issues facing fragile and conflict-affected areas of Latin America through stunning photography. 

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. University students (Bachelor, Master and PhD) from around the world are encouraged to apply, but projects must be conducted in Latin America.
  2. A maximum team size of two people is eligible to submit a joint proposal. The funding limit will be the same ($5,000 maximum). One applicant must be listed at the primary contact.
  3. Students from all majors and areas of study are encouraged to apply. Your major does not have to be related to photography, journalism or international studies, though applicants with previous photography experience are especially encouraged to apply.
  4. Students graduating in 2019 are eligible to apply.
  5. Students should submit proposals that will describe their expected travel, research, and photographic subjects. They should choose an international development area that reflects issues of food insecurity, health, education, land tenure, poverty, or other issues facing people in fragile and conflict-affected nations. Proposals should not exceed four (4) 8.5×11 pages typed in 12 point Times New Roman font. 1″ margins; please submit as a Microsoft Word document.

Proposals must include the following components:

  1. Cover Sheet (applicant name, email, major, university name, expected Graduation Date, references)
  2. Thematic focus
  3. Statement of Motivation
  4. Media Experience
  5. Timeline
  6. Narrative of Planned Activities (including Plan for Promotion)
  7. Budget

During their experience, students will be required to accomplish the following:

  1. Show three-month engagement (minimum) with international development issues through extension activities, internships, student research, etc.
  2. Write a series of blog postings for the Blog during their experience and a final report or blog.
  3. Document their chosen subjects through photo and/or video journalism that draws attention to conflict and development issues.
  4. Publish or exhibit the results of their work in the form of refereed media.
  5. Students are encouraged to use the book and associated photographic art from Fragile: the Human Condition(by Howard G. Buffett) as an example of both engagement and documenting issues at the nexus of conflict and development.


An award is not expected to exceed $5,000 per awardee and will be made at the discretion of the Chair.

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