Competition for Young Designers in Baggage Handling from Toyota and the Chance to Win 5,000 Euros

Competition for Young Designers in Baggage Handling from Toyota and the Chance to Win 5,000 Euros



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22 oct. 2019
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Toyota company invites you to the fourth edition of its annual design competition, which this year is about baggage handling at airports. Design students and graduates from around the world can participate in this competition. You can focus on the handling of the bags in general or on a particular aspect of handling. Toyota firmly believes that the world is waiting to get rid of baggage problems forever, so the company wants from you to come up with a solution - or several solutions - that will solve it.


  1. This competition is opened to university design students and recent graduates (2019) of an accredited university.
  2. Applicants can apply individually or in teams of up to three members. It's preferred to participate as multi-disciplinary teams.
  3. If you compete as a team, you can choose the team leader who will be responsible for registration and all communications related to this competition.
  4. The competition focuses on industrial design, product design, and transportation designs, but design students with a background in business, fashion, engineering, architecture etc. can participate.
  5. Only participants, who belong to an accredited undergraduate or graduate university program, or recent graduates (2019), are eligible to participate in the competition. Proof of enrollment (or graduation) will be requested from all finalists.


  • Three winning entries will be rewarded with cash prizes as follow:
  1. First place will receive €5,000.
  2. Second place will receive €3,000.
  3. Third place will receive €2,000.
  • Finalists will be invited to the prize ceremony in Sweden, and later their work will be exhibited at a fair in Hannover, Germany held on 20–24 April 2020.
  • Additionally, all winners will have the opportunity to apply for a six-month paid internship at a Toyota Material Handling Design Center.

About Toyota Material Design Center:

The Toyota Material Design Center is designed by a team of dedicated professionals, who have the creativity to create designs suitable for commercial areas. The company offers its mission all the time, every time and ensure that it's suitable for the users. All of the center's work revives Toyota's core values - safety, durability, productivity, ease of driving and simplicity. Surviving and succeeding in the logistics industry requires finding the most talented and business-minded designers. That's why the company launched the Toyota Logistics Design Competition (TLDC) again in 2014. Now is a suitable time for the 2020 challenge of handling luggage at airports.

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